Consciousness and Intention

Consciousness and Intention

Mind and Spirit Directed HA Self-Assembly

Quantum Consciousness
Figure 1. Quantum consciousness and the mind form a computer. Our intentions and beliefs can influence observable reality. God consciousness is power. Spirit filled observers could cause HA fragments to format pixelated hydro-images (Romans 8:9).

Consciousness relates to faith and beliefs. And, believers have access to the Spirit since the temple veil has been “torn.” However, spiritual restoration through the “torn” cover requires faith in God’s plan of salvation. In any case, the Holy Spirit connects us to Yeshua, who is our redeemer. No doubt, “hidden messages” in blood confirm the gospel.  Also,  hydro-images express “the message of the cross” as a “Messianic skitin blood. In this skit,  HA is the Veil, DNA is the seed of the woman, and Laminin from the LAMB gene is the Cross. Without a doubt, this unconventional approach to finding truth is necessary to reconcile the truisms derived from faith alone and the exactitude of science. Resistance is not only futile but is unfruitful for both science and faith. You see, science is merely a tool we are to use to find God, who is hiding in plain sight.

The Creator’s Conscious Intent

The influence of an observer’s conscious beliefs on hydro-imaging is the Turner-Hittner Effect. In my opinion, both reason and faith determine what one observes in hydro-images. As a case in point, consider a believer, who is watching HA dehydration with an unbeliever. What if they snapped a photograph of an event at the same moment? Would the two photos agree or rather would both observers see the same results? To be sure, the scriptures can authenticate HA hydro-images. Finally, could those with the mind of Christ interact with HA self-assembly in hydro-image formation?  If so, then consciousness can influence observable reality. Divine messaging using  HA fragments in water may be spirit driven. Also, faith and belief in the “Word of God” could be a prerequisite for hydro-image formation.


Conscious Mind
Figure 2. Methods described by Dr. Masuru Emoto were used to see if ones words, faith, or beliefs could influence HA self-assembly into hydo-images previously observed.

Internal temple construction

If HA hydro-images appear on glass slides, then what about internal hydro-imaging? In other words, is what we believe a trigger for transforming our temple veil? To be sure, HA fragments can self-assemble into any hydro-image. However, what if the temple veil embroidery is faith dependent? It appears that our temple is for the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit. In this way, Christ can abide in us and we in him.

To emphasize the importance of faith, imagine being trapped in a closet where there is no escape. As time is running out you hear the news that there is no wall. In this case faith not your eyes believe there is no wall. Amazingly, you can now enter into another dimension. Does the Spirit recognize  divine  embroidery on the veil?


In conclusion, Dan and I both thought about HA size-dependent self-assembly concerning quantum consciousness. My belief is that our temple (body) embroidery reflects the righteous acts of Christ. However, our plan to compare notes in 2012 did not occur.

*Dedicated to Dr. Dan Hittner from Brooklyn Polytechnic (now NYU Tandon School of Engineering). Dan, a former friend of the author and a past fellow doctoral student, believed in conscious mind mechanics and holistic medicine. He passed away March 29th,  2012.


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