Healing is in His Wings

Healing is in his wings

Healing power transfers through the Spirit
Figure 1. There is evidence that healing power transfers through patterns in our flesh. Healing is in his wing.


First and foremost, man is in need of healing. As children of Adam and Eve, we have all been sentenced to eternal death. That said, our Creator has redeemed us through the blood of Jesus (Yeshua), his only begotten son. In Ezekiel 10:8, the hands of a man appears beneath the wings of the cherubim. Could this indicate that the Spirit in the wheels is a healer? Asserting that healing is in his wings testifies to the holiness and divinity of Christ. Incredibly, this expression reflects the eagle’s wing molecular modeling of the HA structure (see the first image). Also, the tallit pattern Jesus wore channels healing power to a sick woman. In a similar way, the HA veil, which is our biological temple veil, is a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil. So, through the blood of Christ, our soul can gain access to the power of God, which heals us.

Our Body is a Pattern

Figure 2. HA hydrated hubs and other shapes appear as HA self-assembles during bio matrix engineering.  Therefore, it is clear that patterns store healing power from the account of the woman with the issue of blood.

As prophesied in the bible, Christ came to earth through the veil into the Holy Place (Mary’s womb) to defeat death. Fortunately, men do not transfer their  mitochondrial DNA to their offsprings. So, Christ is born sinless as the “seed of the woman.” In this way, his shed blood is an acceptable sacrifice for sin. Moreover, HA is biologically analogous to the double temple veil in Moses’ tabernacle. Analogously, Yeshua is the “Lamb of God.”  Amazingly, the LAMB gene codes for the laminin cross. Furthermore, these cross transport extracellular matrix (EM) molecules found in blood. Moreover, HA double helices need GAG-bound laminin crosses to unwind? It appears that three biopolymers: DNA, HA, and laminin participate in a Messianic “skit.”

Healing in His Wings

Without a doubt, our body is a temple design.  As such, it is a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Hence, the Spirit can regenerate our bodies through divine healing. Amazingly, there are hidden messages within the HA structure, which form hydro-images in water. What do these hidden messages tell us? This blogger believes that these messages prove beyond any doubt that the Gospel is true.  Perhaps through faith only, the “life of Christ” embroidery appears as HA hydro-images in complete and accurate episodes.  Finally, the materials science of the HA fibrous network and the its divine metaphysics is verifiable in biblical scripture.

The Face of an Eagle

Healing in his wings
Figure 3. An image of Christ, the eagle, is one of the four living creatures (Haxaire et al) based on the molecular modeling of hyaluronic acid (HA). Perhaps, the expression “open all ye gates” shows how faith changes things!

To be sure, HA can image its divine purpose. In fact, it is as if the HA biological veil expresses its reasons for existing. Consider, for example, the pattern of wings that appear in one of the four helical forms of HA. Could The expression “healing is in his wings” be a hidden message about the HA veil? Furthermore, the appearance of a man’s hands are seen under their wings. No doubt this implies healing was in Yeshua’s  hands on earth

The Mercy Seat (Portal)

Figure 4. The Blood of Yeshua (Jesus) opened the veil to HaShem (God) for all living souls. To be sure, this pattern resembles the hydrated hubs of HA4.

As previously stated, the power to heal is “in his wings.” Also, 4 HA wings can form hydrated hubs. These connecting hubs. Noteworthy is that these “wheels” each have “four faces” (Ezekiel 1 and 10). It appears from scripture that the Spirit in the wheels can transform our spirit within the veil. As a reminder to believers, the curtain is open so that we can now freely enter. Finally, the transforming and healing power of the Spirit works through faith. The believer, in his heart, accepts the “Blood” atonement by faith and becomes a new creature in Christ.

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