The Prophetic Times

Prophetic Times are here

Prophetic Cherubim
Figure 1. This hydro-image is the right wing of fully formed cherubim. Dehydrating self-assembling hyaluronic (HA) fragments created this image. Notice the sword in the above scene (Genesis 3: 24 KJV).

Daniel’s vision of the end times (Daniel 12) promises unprecedented calamities like the world has never seen. To be sure, we are in those times now!

The prophetic times are here. No doubt, Satan will escalate his attacks on the “saved” children of God. In essence, He accuses the saints day and night. However, Satan’s evil intent is in sharp contrast to those of God. And, God is Love. Therefore, Love creates, and hate destroys. Interestingly, this appears in hydro-imaging and water crystal experiments.

Prophecy hydro-images

Amazingly, the pattern of cherubim appears on the curtains and the veil of the Hebrew temple.  Moreover, the Holy rituals that must accompany one’s presence demonstrate power within the veil. It is my belief; this is transforming power.  To be sure, there is power in the Blood of Jesus.  Also, the conversion of a human temple into the dwelling Place for the Holy Spirit might also involve patterns like those of the Hebrew temple. In this case, hyaluronic acid (HA) is capable of self-assembling into divine patterns like those described by Moses.  Be that as it may, a universal resonance signal could conceivably recognize all “flipped” states as “belonging to the Spirit.” This quasi-quantum phenomenon could, in fact, describe the “Rapture.”

The Sword of the Spirit

Figure 1 shows a sword within the hydro-image of a cherubim’s right wing.  And, in the hydro-image, the defeat of Lucifer. The dragon falls to earth (Genesis 3: 24 KJV). Also, the False Messiah is in the image (Revelation 19:20 KJV). So, based on this hydro-image, there is no doubt that we are in the “end times.” But, discerning Hydro-images requires biblical knowledge and divine wisdom. Perhaps religious messages  are sent to known human receivers.

What HA Hydro-images Show

One must interpret hydro-images through a knowledge of scripture and spiritual enlightenment. Non-believers are not likely to be divinely inspired. As an illustration, the image above will draw a myriad of responses to the question, what do you see?  Apparently, one is expected to answer based on their experiences. No doubt, individual without the “mind of God” would be as blind to the images as one would be in the natural world. Faith in the unseen things of God makes the images clear to the spiritual minded. Even if a description is required, the context is there. In conclusion, hydro-images show that Jesus Christ is who “he said he is” and that these images provide proof that God made us in his image.

The “Prophetic” Watchman

As a watchman, we are given the “message of the cross” to spread around the globe because the whole world will be deceived. As a result, God warns us about the False Messiah. Also, all signs point to the inevitable return of Jesus Christ for his true church. In this case, even proof of the gospel using the HA veil is not acceptable. Why? The whole world will be deceived and no amount of proof will change the outcome. That said, those having the “mind of Christ” will have the faith. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 (NASB)

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