The Transformer Spirit

Transformer Spirit

Transformer Spirit
Figure1. The Transformer (Spirit) converts our bodies into the “temple of God.” Can the Spirit form embroidery onto our temple veil resembling  that of the Hebrew tabernacle veil?

The Transformer Spirit is the Holy Spirit. No doubt, the Spirit was within this observer, during the dehydration of HA fragments. Most likely, “His” presence affects HA self-assembly. Moreover, one’s thoughts and beliefs influence hydro-image messaging. For instance, hydro-images displaying divine episodes show Messianic events of Christ.  In the above figure, HA fragments, as an electrospray,  forms a layer on glass slides. Interestingly, a pattern consistent with the message of the cross” emerges (figure 1). The “hidden messages” encoded in DNA and other biological polymers reveal divine patterns. To be sure, the world has no knowledge concerning these matters. As a result, theobiology research must use tools from both the natural and supernatural realms to test the “message of the cross.”

The Veil and the hidden Gospel

Recall that HA, the biological temple veil, has a pattern resembling the Hebrew temple veil. So, what is the purpose of the patterning if not to hide or protect? To be sure, the promise of the Jewish Messiah and the Gentile Redeemer was within the veil. So, while the life of the flesh is in the Blood, the Spirit of Life was within the veil. That said, a believer’s mind may unlock hidden messages. Also, “born again” believers recreate the “image of  God” within ourselves (the HA veil). Perhaps  the veil’s embroidery resembles the heavenly temple, which is the body of Christ. As we are aware, all things consist in Christ

Everyone must choose

The true church is the body of Christ and the Spirit is the Transformer given to that Body. Turner’s work relates to the following testable hypothesis. “Life is in the blood, but it is the Spirit of God, who gives it.” Without a doubt, God wants a willing heart to serve him because he is love. Love is the creative force in the universe while hate destroys. Be that as it may, the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they discover the Gospel and be saved (2 Cor. 4: 3-4). To be sure, our redemption is through Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. Unfortunately, many are misled and will face divine judgment. Good works nor good intentions will save you. So, there is but a single pathway to our Creator. Jesus (Yeshua) is that way.

The Transformer Spirit Heals

The veil is “rent.”  And, the transforming Holy Spirit is with us. We can now enter the presence of God through His transformer (Spirit). Think about these events. Incredibly, a Messianic skit” in blood played out by bio-polymers prove that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) self-identifies himself in the scriptures. Be that as it may, the result is that “by his stripes, we are healed.”

The Rapture

Perhaps our soul ends up as the body of Christ through pattern recognition. Our return to God is through his Spirit. It is clear that this merger requires a new body and a new spirit. So, the same Spirit that raised up Christ from the grave will transform us. As in the twinkling of an eye, our soul gets snatched away into the heavenly dimension.

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