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Figure 1. An image of HA NanoBIT (Nanoscale Biocompatible Information Transferon) , the structural basis for the biologic temple veil. Interestingly, the basic  repeat pattern is anti-parallel and form helical segments. One needs to compare the biblical description of the “fine twined linen” and its properties. The patterns of our temple veil are in agreement with that of the Hebrew temple veil made with the hands of man. That said, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. If we reason, we see that the heavenly sanctuary must have the same patterns. Since the temple veil is torn by God due to the sacrifice of Christ,our souls, upon death, can now enter holy places.

The  HaShem Image Maker is our Creator. As such, the Spirit uses biological polymers to image natural man. No doubt, embroidery from flesh molecules (the veil) store messages. For example, since the life of the flesh is in the blood, images of life appear in the curtain. To be sure, all life is in the One, Christ. So, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood agree in One (1 John 5: 8). Amazingly, a timeless shape-shifting veil embroidered the life of Christ in Adam. In this way, the cover becomes the image of God. If conditions agree, the Spirit of God resonates with our spirit within the veil.

Furthermore, if we are in God’s image and after his likeness, our temple veil (HA) should be a pattern of the earthly and heavenly sanctuary. So, HA fragments may behave like pixels and can self-assemble into divine images signifying Christ. It appears that HA, like DNA is an assembly language. While HA and DNA assemble natural man, HA can also be a picture of Christ. To resonate with Christ, we must be “born again.”

Why are we here?

So, why are we here and what is the point? Without a doubt, this question drives this author to research the role of HA in designing living creatures. Consider that death comes from one man who sinned. However, life comes from redemption  through one man who did not. In other words, we must converge into the one. That said, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit must be in the image of God. HA, a flesh and blood molecule (veil), has the ability to embroider a sanctuary within us. Perhaps, mere faith and belief in the Gospel transforms our internal state into a pattern of the Holy sanctuary. Is this why we must be born again?

Convergence into the One

HA biological image-makers within the living temple veil are shape-shifting biopolymers. For example, molecular shape-shifters can form hydro-images of Messianic episodes. In essence, the Spirit records the life of Christ in the cloud. So, the cover bears witness to the One (1 John 5: 8). In fact, convergence into the One is possible because the Image-maker is also the One. And, the Spirit bears witness in Heaven (1 John 5: 7).

HaShem Image Messaging

Can a self-assembling molecular shape-shifter record events and then replay them as hydro-images? And, what if such a molecule bears witness to the entire life of Christ? Does the veil (John 14:6) image the “Mind of Christ”? If so, this is equivalent to living within the veil.  It appears that a believer with the spirit of Christ can generate divinely inspired hydro-images in vitro. To be sure, this is the essence of Turner’s research.

HaShem Embroideries

One could say that the life of Christ is in “his” blood. And, we are “his.” Therefore, since Christ fulfills the pattern, so do we through faith. So, faith would influence spiritual resonance. Then, our soul within the veil is analogous to being in the body of Christ. 

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