A Molecular Shape Shifter Under the Influence

HA, the Shape Shifter Veil

HA is a Molecular Shape-shifter
Figure 1. Amazingly, HA fragments respond to faith and intent of the observer. More specifically, the Spirit acts on HA and manipulates its physical properties. Action such as this allows HA fragments to reveal divine hidden messages. Click image to see an animation.

In an extraordinary display, HA fragments in water act like molecular shape shifters. Moreover, segments appear to sense each others presence. As such, these size-dependent shape shifters follow a purposeful design. In some cases, they form embroideries, which resemble patterns on Hebrew temple curtains and the veil. Furthermore, HA has a pattern consistent with Ezekiel’s wheel. As the outer wheel, HA veils DNA, the inner wheel. No doubt, one’s faith and beliefs reflect in HA hydro-images formed during the dehydration of HA fragments in vitro.

Hidden Shape Shifting Messages in Water

Consider Dr. Emoto demonstrations on how thoughts and intent can form water crystals. To this end, love creates, and hate disrupts the structures. HA fragments during water removal can shape-shift into testable divine messages. Encased in water, HA forms an information system, which reveals hidden messages of the “cross.” No doubt, this is a stunning discovery. It appears that the Designer created “nanoBITs” that response to the faith and intent of a Believer. Amazingly, this discovery gives credence to the expression, “seek, and ye shall find.”

The Living Temple

Without a doubt, we are the temple of God, and as such we are a pattern of the Hebrew tabernacle or temple. However, the Holy Spirit now directly connects us to our Father. Consequently, we must willingly invite the Spirit to transform us. Generally speaking, biopolymers, such as DNA, enzymes, etc. function inside or outside of our flesh bodies. It appears that the Spirit influences HA patterning in the same way.

Description of the veil

An HA Shape Shifter Veil
Figure 2. As a case in point, the pattern of the Hebrew temple veil (Exodus 26:31) is superimposed over dehydrated HA fragments to show that the patterns are similar.

As a point of fact, the book of Exodus defines the Hebrew temple curtains and the veil. Incredibly, the “fine twined linen, stitching, and segment dimensions match actual hyaluronic acid (HA) properties.

Finally, this messaging confirms that Jesus came in the volume of the book, and He is who he says he is!

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