The Engineering of Living Souls within the Veil

Our Souls are within the Veil

Figure 1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments dehydrate into patterns with hidden divine  messages. Some patterns are hydro-images (embroideries) of the Gospel.

Without a doubt, living souls occupy matter, which is biological in nature. In addition, the divine metaphysical veil is a wrapping that separates the Spirit and the soul. For more detail, please visit this blog’s front page. Imagine how our Creator created living souls in his image. He would shape the man into an image of himself and then breathe into him the breath of life. Now, the Spirit of the Living Creature is in the wheels (flesh). However, this breath also includes man’s God nature. After a time, sin enters his life. As a result, he is given the death penalty. Through his seed, humans become fruitful and replenish the earth.  If life is in the blood, then how could man and his seed be redeemed? To be sure, the all-seeing God knows the end from the beginning.

All souls having the Spirit of Christ resonate with “Him” within the veil. In this way, we can be in him and he in us. After this life ends, our souls resonate with him in the Spirit. Christ is born into an incorruptible body. Simply put, “true” Christians are members of his body. In other words, Christ is the “Tree of Life.” From this author’s research HA resembles a tree with many branches.  Also, hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments form hydro-images, which reveal hidden messages related to the gospel. Embroideries appearing in hydro images confirm that we are the living temple of God. Furthermore, DNA translates the Word of God into living flesh and HA embroiders his gospel within its veil.

Patterns and Promises

Abraham receives a promise that his seed would form a great nation. Recall that in the last section, we noted that the Tree of Life with 12 different kinds of fruits is for the healing of the nations. This narrative connects Genesis to Revelation where the “Tree of Life” is again available to man. The promise of the coming Messiah is in patterns, types, shadows, rituals, and prophetic visions throughout biblical scriptures. The Hebrew temple is a model of man, God’s living temple. That said, the two patterns are replicas of the heavenly sanctuary. Temple embroidery provides proof of the gospel before and after Christ’s death. Therefore a modern-day researcher can find evidence of Christ embroidered in the fabric of our living temple veil. Such evidence includes biblical accounts of the veil found in Exodus, Ezekiel, and Revelation. Hashem described and sketched his intent in his written word and in  his temple veil (flesh), respectively. These embroideries identify us as living temples of HaShem.

The Life Giver becomes our redeemer

The torn veil

The Creator becomes the redeemer of his creation. Since the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one in heaven, the Father sent the Son to earth to redeem man. Jesus asserts that he is the Word of God. The water, the blood, and the spirit agree in one. More specifically, the seed of man must be “born again” of water and spirit. Due to man’s sin nature, the life that is in his blood will fade. To redeem man, the Son of God had to pay the penalty for us. God is Spirit, and He does not need to be “born again.” Moreover, as the “breath of life” his innocent blood is a sufficient sacrifice for sin. The Son of God sacrificed his only begotten son, Yeshua, for us. Afterwards, the Father raises Yeshua from the grave. The four living creatures with four wings each that brought him to earth leave with six wings each.  Yeshua is lifted up to heaven. Also, each of the living creatures is an expression of the Spirit in the wheels. Interestingly, the four wings of each soul are on the earth awaiting two more wings.  This is analogous to the HA tetramer needing a dimer to remove pericellular coats of cells. Remember, that the veil (our cover) was torn in two after Christ died. Now we can enter holy places. Is this a hidden message telling us that Christ’s resurrection draws all souls to him?

Old Versus New

The “old man” is a soul that lives within the flesh veil. The new man has a soul that lives in the Spirit. Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, we must be born again of water and Spirit.  If we are the temple of God, then we must have the Holy Spirit in us. From the beginning, HaShem wrapped man’s soul in a flesh veil with an escape plan. The woman, who was of Adam’s flesh and bone, came out of him. Her mitochondrial DNA remains unchanged from the beginning. The Spirit can now give life to a new man born of a virgin (with original DNA). As in the beginning, the bride of the Christ is the church. And the church is flesh and bone of the new man, Christ. In other words, the seed of Christ inherits the Kingdom of God.


Ezekiel Wheels and Living Souls
Figure 3. The HA helical veil has layers of helical  water between it and the Spirit on one side and it and DNA on the other.  In this way, the  life in blood must pass  through  the veil into “holy places.”

DNA is a flesh molecule that is a unique blueprint for each living soul. However, there is one Spirit who gives life. As the temple of God, The redeemed of the earth have access to the Spirit through the torn veil (HA). Within the curtain, the soul has access to the Holy Spirit. This access is conditional. But, size-dependent HA fragments form hydro-images, which prove the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In figure 2, the Spirit hovers over the water surrounding the Hashem (HA) veil. Also, inside the cover, DNA can form blood. In this way, the blood mixes with water within the veil. The Spirit born of water opens the curtain through the righteous Blood of Jesus. Without a doubt, many so-called Christians will miss the rapture. Unfortunately, they will take no pleasure in studying bible prophecy. And, the church has fallen away from sound doctrine. The Antichrist is making his appearance, and he is deceiving many. He knows the end is near. The true church will be snatched away in the twinkling of an eye.

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