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The Gospel, our “wormhole” to Eternal Life

General Hypothesis: We are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16)—and the temple veil is within us.

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A. Personal Research linkages regarding hyaluronic acid (HA) Molecular chain length dependence on physical properties.

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Hyaluronic acid (HA) as a cellular veil.

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B. Hyaluronic acid (HA) as a molecular shape-shifter.

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Chemical Engineering News

HaShem Veil: Gateway to Eternal Life

C. Hyaluronic acid (HA) as a messenger molecule.

Comparing the two veils

  “Hidden messages” of the Gospel in hyaluronic acid hydro images.

HA Patterning of the Redeemed

Unexpectedly, low molecular weight fragments of HA dehydrate into hydro images reflecting the Gospel. How is this possible? These images confirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What’s more, the accuracy is stunning. It seems to me that our Creator left these messages for our time.

This schematic shows how Christ is HA2 or the 2 wings needed to bind all the gates. The four living creatures around the throne 4 (HA4) are on the earth. The Spirit inside becomes a man, dies, and is resurrected with two wings (HA2). The four living creatures around the throne now have 6 wings each.  24 elders are now around the throne. Remember that the city has three gates on four sides. Since there are 12 gates, each with an angel, essentially each gate has 4 wings. There are three times as many wings than Moses’ veil (28 cubits x 4 cubits) for HA gates (28 Angstrom x 12 Angstrom). Experimentally, HA needs 12 wings (HA12)  to bind a techelet like dye in water. (is this because the 12 tribes of Israel are sealed until the end?). HA12 + HA2 (Christ) = HA14, the minimum size required to bind dye. The covenant from God was for 1000 generations (Psalms 105, verse 8),  Hence, 144,000 wings or souls are redeemed from the earth.

HA Veiled Neuro Network & Spirit-Controlled Quantum Gates

I think my discovery of a fleshy copy of the Hebrew Temple Veil within us (described by Moses and Ezekiel) is stunning. Penrose’ work compliments my results, if one would imagine a veiled neuro network. Taken along with quantum consciousness, a proposed “wormhole” into another dimension is possible for a spirit soul. It was reported that HA forms perineuronal nets around neurons in the cerebral cortex. Consider the following scenarios: Christ (1) comes to earth with 2 wings like the HA dimer. HA4 needs these two wings to bind to the cellular veil. After 6 wings (HA6), chain length dependent binding continues from 7 to 12 segments. At 12 segments, 2 wings binds as Christ (1) is lifted-up from the earth. At 14 blue dye binds —remember the techelet dye in the veil and the tallit of the high priest? After this dye binding, the gates remain opened to the city until all is completed. Then the gates are closed forever.


1. The crosstalk of hyaluronan-based extracellular matrix and synapses

2. Hyaluronan in neural stem cell niches and perineuronal nets

3. Crosstalk between glia, extracellular matrix and neurons.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil

Overview of Research

Table 1. This table shows in tabular format the relationship between the Hebrew temple veil and our biological veil, hyaluronic acid (HA). Firstly, the instructions God gave Moses in Exodus contain elaborate details concerning the veil colors, selvedge, size, and embroidery. In addition, a thousands years later, Ezekiel has a vision about the veil as Jesus Christ  comes to earth, die, and is lifted up. The cherubim with the four wings 4 HA (inactive) now have six wings each 6HA (active) after Christ (2 HA) is resurrected. Also the 12 tribes associated with the 12 gates of the city are redeemed from the earth.  This corresponds to the 12  HA wings that bind dye when two wings (HA2) of Christ are added to make it HA14.

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