Life is in the Blood

For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and IĀ  given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh atonement by reason of the life (Leviticus 17:11)

The Cell is a Pattern of the Holy Tabernacle

HA cell infrastructure
Figure 1. This hyaluronic acid (HA)Ā hydro– imageĀ resemblesĀ a dividing cell infrastructure and the Hebrew tabernacle described in Exodus. See a comparison. Could HA be the divine pattern of the temple veilĀ within us? Is the Image of God embroidered on HA in innocent blood and not sinful blood?

The Gospel in the Veil

First of all, DNA is the molecule of life. And, hyaluronic acid (HA) acts as a DNA veil during “biomatrixgenesis.” In addition, this is consistent with divinely inspiredĀ cell morphogenesis, cell proliferation, and stem cell genesis. According to the Bible, “the life of the flesh is in the Blood. And, it is the Spirit who gives life.Ā  For example, science shows that “life does exist in the blood.”

Furthermore, we can find evidenceĀ and substance of unseen things through faith (Hebrew 11:1). In addition,Ā “hidden messages” inĀ blood prove all things consist in Christ (Colossians 1:17). As living temples, weĀ resemble the tabernacle design of Moses. That said, they have similar patterns, including embroideries. In any case, this shows our designer is “TheĀ Redeemer”.Ā  To be sure, the dividing cell reminds us of the temple veil that separates the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.

Law of the Spirit of Life

After Man sins, an impenetrable veil separates us from our Creator. Unfortunately due to our sinful nature, we will never accept this free gift from God. To further complicate matters, Satan–the great deceiver–vows to defeat us all.Ā  However,Ā God rips opened the curtainĀ after accepting the Blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ (“The Lamb of God“). That said, we have the free-will to accept or reject Christ despite the forces that compel us to rebel. The Holy Spirit beacons us to Christ. Before Christ’s sacrifice, theĀ Leviticus high priest would sprinkle the blood of bulls onto the altar. Now, through Yeshua (Jesus), we are “born again” of the Spirit. No doubt, we are the temple of God. And, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. (1 Cor. 3:16). In the Spirit and through the Blood, we can now boldly go into the Most Holy Place.

The HA temple view

Theobiology-HA temple veil pattern (Exodus 26)
Figure 2. Actual HA structure resembles “fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet” Ā (Exodus 36:8 KJV). Notice the connectedness, which flows from scarlet (The Blood) through purple (Jesus) to white (the church) into the blue (heaven).

Another point is that the temple veil which once came between our Creator and us is “rent.”Ā So, could it be that the HA biologic veil has a story to tell? It appears that HA, DNA, and lamininĀ participate inĀ a “Messianic skit” in blood. Ā In the “skit,” mitochondrion DNA is the seed of the woman, laminin from the LAMB geneĀ is a pattern of the cross, and HA is the temple veil. Incredibly, HA can hydro-image the Hebrew temple embroideries.

As seen in Exodus 36: 9, the length of one linen curtain in the tabernacle curtain array is 28 cubits. In fact, this compares to an HA helical pitch of 28 angstroms.Ā  According to the scriptures,Ā eleven curtains were stitched togetherĀ in the Hebrew temple. Interestingly, this is analogous to an array of 11 HA hexamers (66). In any case, there are 66 books in the Holy Bible. Finally, this 66 number is in agreement with the 22 amino acids encoded by DNA triplet codons (3).Ā 

Biomolecules and the Veil

Messianic skit in Blood
Figure 3. A Messianic skit in the “Blood”:Ā  A performance by biomolecules.

As a further point, it would be interesting if all biological molecules in blood agree with water and the Spirit. In any case, the Blood, the Water, and the Spirit agree in one on earth (1 John 5:8). Interestingly, the pattern of HA shows that it agrees with a tabernacleĀ pattern also in the body. To reiterate, the enhanced colors and the molecular contour of hyaluronate fragments agree with the description given in Exodus 26 and 36. Be that as it may, this is the best example ever that we are the “living temple” of God. Moreover, this result plus the fact that HA fragments are a pattern of Ezekiel’s wheel is more than enough proof that the Gospel is true. Without a doubt, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) bled and died so that his people could gain eternal life. Ā God tore the veil from top to bottom and all who believe in him may enter.

Lastly, it is stunning that the cross-like cell adhesion molecule laminin has a helical tail. Analogously, this helical tail could disruptĀ the HA biologic veilĀ (Mark 15: 38). Similarly, DNA withĀ dreadfully high rings” which describesĀ Ezekiel’s wheel containing DNA. And, The inner workings of the wheelsĀ provide additional evidence for Turner’s conjecture that the gospel is in the veil.


HA veil assembly during dehydration
Figure 4. HA fragments encased in water during dehydration under the heat of the optical microscope. Amazingly, HA fragments appear to sense each other’s presence as they self-assemble during matrix engineering.

As a word of caution to subscribers, the research presented here is for believers. Why? Because the veil is both physical and divine metaphysical. Science and reason must involve faith. Spiritual discernment allows one to see hidden messages encoded in the “things that are made”. So, a knowledge of and belief in bible scriptures open hearts and minds to the Gospel. For example, compare the connection between the scriptures below, Turner’s research, and the research of Haxaire et al.

Isa. 6, Eze. 1, Rev. 4, Exo. 26
See Molecular Modeling (Haxaire et al)

(1) As the blood of the victim is identical with its life and craddles the soul of man, God has appointed a substitute for the sinnerā€™s life.Ā  Consider the remark of the Apostle, ā€œwithout shedding of blood there is no remission of sinā€ (Hebrews 9:22).

(2) . The soul or life, with which man lives, is in the blood of the heart. Therefore,Ā  blood is the vessel of the soul to carry in it central heat, and food to parts of the body; and hence the animal only dies when the blood is gone. (Leviticus 11:17)

(3). The repetitive theme throughout this blog is that a previously hidden message confirming the gospel appears as hydro-images. Amazingly, each visual episode reveals the truth of the gospel, which fits together like a puzzle.

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