Hyaluronic Acid: Our Biomaterials Veil

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was created as a learning platform to inform the global community that the science of living souls involves a force ignored by scientists. As tripartite beings, we cannot ignore the fact that we are living souls in our search for truth. To be sure, the breath of life is perpetual and originates from an eternal source. We worship within our body temple and our biomaterial veil, hyaluronic acid (HA). That said, the object of my faith is also the object of my science—our temple veil. This blog explores all aspects of the double veil which has two interactive sides mediated through the Spirit within us, the temple of God.

Our Temple Veil

Hyaluronic Acid, the matrix molecule displays hydrated fiber mesh

Figure 1. Dehydrating hyaluronic  (HA) fragments show that thin hydrated fiber mesh can form. Incredibly, some hydro-images show episodes of the Gospel. These hidden messages suggest that our soul can metaphysically enter holy places through the veil.

The matrix molecule, hyaluronic acid (HA), is a major player in cell migration, cell adhesion, and in cell morphology. Most importantly, HA participates in a “Messianic skit” in blood. There it serves as a molecular veil. For example, HA chain length dependency on physical properties makes it an ideal biological veil. At this point, reaffirmation of the Gospel is critical. So, timeless information proving the Gospel is in the Blood. Self-assembling HA fragments behaving like rotating heat engines assemble into hydro-images. As a result, hydro-images confirm the “message of the cross.”

Life of the flesh is in the Blood, but it is the Spirit who gives it“–Leviticus 17: 11.

Hidden messages within the veil prove that our Creator is our Redeemer. Also, HA molecular modeling data agree with the biblical description of the temple veil. I am convinced that what happened at the cross reverberates throughout time past and future. As a result, messages hidden in the veil declare the “Gospel of Jesus Christ.” As the temple of God, we have a fine twined veil of the same design. Also consider that Christ is “The Light of the world” and in him is life. As a Spirit, the Light of the world is life, which has a bandwidth stretching from t= -∞ to t= +∞. In this case, all events occuring at every point on the timeline either resonates or not, is entangled or not, or collapses into the One or not. The Rapture shout (frequency) gathers together all righteous souls at a singular point in time. This is the Christian Rapture.

Biomatrix Patterning

Figure 2. Electrospray of HA aqueous solution shows its hierarchical structure and segmental cantilevers. This result indicates that in water, HA can act like self-directed pixels purposely designed to reveal hidden divine messages the Gospel.

As expected, HA performs specific functions in concert with other biomolecules. To be sure, HA also has a divine design role. For instance, the seed of man from Adam should be compared to the seed of God, our Creator. The breath of life (the Spirit) breathed into Adam is the same Spirit in Ezekiel’s Wheels. On earth what do they have in common? Initially, The Water, The Spirit, and a covering. However, the four living creatures around the throne in heaven appear as a biomaterial encapsulating the Spirit. What is this biomaterial described in great detail by Ezekiel? It is the temple veil on earth.

Interestingly, this post suggests that HA forms the scaffold for the bio-matrix-genesis of living creatures. For example, there is a “Messianic skit” in blood, which confirms the Gospel. Also, HA self-assembling hydro-images illustrate the Gospel within the veil. As a such, this proves that Water, the Blood, and the Spirit agree in One on earth. In essence, our veil–which was once the flesh and blood sacrifice of innocent animals–protected us from a Holy God. After his once and for all time sacrifice, we resonate with, entangle with, or collapse into the Light of life, which is in Christ. In any case, consider divine patterns as pointing to Jesus Christ (Yeshua). For example, since the Spirit in the wheels is Yeshua, this pattern resembles the sanctuary. This connects the Hebrew tabernacle to the heavenly sanctuary and to the body of Christ. In this way, Christ is our sanctuary and our refuge. As our cover, we can now pass from death into life.

Finally, the term “biomatrixgenesis” expresses how life forms. Consider that science must include the spiritual aspects of life. In any case, science is a useful tool with which to study of Our Creator.

HA Self-assembly

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Self-Assembly during dehydration.

In this scheme, one can see how loops can form hydrated hubs, which are idea incubators for stem cell genesis. Noticeably, is the ease with which HA shifts its matrix elements. It appears that HA fragments varying in chain lengths can self-assemble according to a divine script. If our thoughts contribute to matrix embroidery, then faith in the Gospel may have physical as well as spiritual consequences. That said, the soul has to transcend the flesh (veil) to enter holy places in the Spirit. Man having to be “born again” of water and of Spirit makes sense.  Be that as it may, the free-will choice we make could affect the nature of veil embroidery. If the Spirit is one with the Father and the Son, then our soul can resonate and collapse into the singularity. To be clear, water is the information transfer medium, which flows from the throne of God. Pure water of life can only flow through pure and righteous blood. But, sin corrupted our blood. In HA experiments in water, fragments are produced and allowed to self-assemble under the heat of the optical microscope. As a believer this author captures images of gospel episodes, where the pixels are HA fragments of varying molecular chain lengths.

Hidden Messages in the Veil

Figure 4. Dehydrating HA fragments self-assemble into matrices suitable for a living temple veil. Such patterning resembles that found in the Hebrew tabernacle and temple.

In a fantastic result, HA fragments self-assemble into divine hydro-images proving that the Gospel is true. How? If one interprets the scriptures through divine inspiration, they will discover that it is a book about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Yeshua). Through types, shadows, patterns, rituals, and prophetic visions, proof of the gospel is reinforced. In any case, the translation of hidden messages in water is observer dependent and intentional. Unfortunately,  the opportunity to test this hypothesis in a world of skeptical scientists appears unlikely.  Diligent “Believers” who connect the Gospel and Hebrew temple worship will have their faith confirm by this discovery. Unbelievers will dismiss this as religious rhetoric. This author feels his purpose is to deliver this Gospel message around the globe.

Finally, HA fragments self-assemble into hydro-images of the Gospel. In fact, these episodic messages completely and accurately reflect the “Word of God”. Without a doubt, the Gospel is in the veil. But, what exactly does this mean? It appears to this author that the Creator intentionally left his name and his intent in us. Why? Incredibly, Moses description, Isaiah’s affirmation, Ezekiel’s wheels, and John’s revelation all point to the same veil.

Created in God’s image, we are his temple designed for the in-dwelling of his Spirit. Spread out of 2500 years, this discovery is definitive proof that Christ is both our Creator and our Redeemer. Even as the Father raised him from the grave, so too will we be lifted up. Believe in him and resonate with his Spirit. Only then can our souls (QM wavefunctions) collapse into the singularity, who is Christ.