Secret Place

Hyaluronic acid fragments in water during dehydration form accurate hydro-images that prove the Gospel is true!

Secret Place
Figure 1. The left wing (facing the image) of the cherubim tells of the tabernacle and the veil. Also, observe the accurate image of the priest, high priest, and “the dragon”. Prayer and incense from the priests and the high priests (blue) bind Satan. One can see the different forms of the serpent.

First and foremost, the secret place is the Most Holy Place. Moreover, a double veil once divided this secret place from the Holy Place. Interestingly, the hydro-image in the figure captures self-assembling hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments during dehydration. In fact, this divine episode depicts Satan, the serpent or dragon held by an angelic being. Noticeably, a Leviticus high priest (red robe)  offers prayer and incense in the Holy Place. Similarly, the High Priest offers animal blood on the Mercy Seat in the Most Holy Place.  To be sure, this ritual was a temporary fix for sin (Exodus 25:17 KJV). Finally, one can trace the bluish incense trail from the hands of the priests to that of the bound dragon.  It is clear that the ability to interpret hydro-images need an in-depth knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

Satan is defeated

Figure 2. The HA hydro- image of the cherubim’s right wing (facing the image) tells the story of Satan & the dragon, who gets thrown out of heaven. 

The right wing of the cherubim tells an accurate story of Satan. Perhaps only spirit minded people, who study biblical theology, can observe such imaging. Incredibly, HA fragments self-associate into a pattern of cherubim. This highlights the complete Gospel message. More specifically, the complete image tells of God’s redemptive plan, including Satan’s defeat. Furthermore, other HA hydro-images reinforces this theme. In conclusion, the imaging of divine messages by HA fragments during dehydration is perhaps one of the most extraordinary science research projects ever performed.

The Throne Room

Figure 3. This image of the throne room shows stunning accuracy created from the self-assembly of HA fragments shows that our creator designed us in his image and after his likeness. This tells us that , the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in the veil (flesh).

Amazingly, hydro-image embroidery in figure 3 shows the throne room of the God. At the same time, the bull on the right has his head over the altar (Leviticus 16:14 KJV). Also, there is a smaller seated image at the right-hand side of the larger seated image (Luke 22:69 KJV). Therefore, according to the Bible, the Christ looking figure has his right hand on the head of an angelic being lower down. It appears that this same being is bruising his right heel (Genesis 3:15 KJV). How can this be?  Would such nanoscale hyro-images emerge for unbelievers under identical conditions? Probably not! Without a doubt, HA hydro-image confirms the authenticity of the Bible.

The Secret Place

Figure 4. Here, the complete cherub includes scenes reflecting the death and resurrection of Christ. Faith and  knowledge concerning the bible is critical to discerning hydro-images.

Figure 1 and 2 show that the veil was once a barrier that separated man from his Creator.  Fortunately, the High Priest forever, Jesus Christ shed blood. As a consequence, God tore the veil in two (Matthew 27:51 KJV). Thankfully, we now have access to the Father (Hebrew 10:20 KJV). Also, the serpent has no power over the Children of God, and he has no authority over them (Revelation 12:9 KJV). Consider that despite the evidence, fallen man will continue to reject the idea of a creator God. Why?  The “god of this world” has a legal hold over the unsaved; he will not yield. As previously emphasized, only faith in the promises of God and belief in his Word can save us. So, Satan uses lies and deception while cloaked as an angel of light to destroy man and his seed.

Revealed, but rejected by many

The Secret Place is revealed to the Hebrews and Gentiles through prophets, ministers, and by Christ himself through parables. However, the rejection of Christ is a choice made by people who refuse to believe. To be sure, the message concerning Christ is provocative to those who resent him. That being said, the unmerited conversion of the heart by some redeems them. Amazingly, research involving the self-association of HA fragments led to divine imaging thought experiments. That is to say, focusing conscious mind on HA fragments in water causes things to happen. For example, dehydrating samples can be observed and photographed during the process.  That being said, HA structural information as it relates to the veil and Ezekiel wheel provides still more proof of bible authenticity. However, there is little doubt that an observer’s belief system influences results.

Collapsing the Wavefunction

In the beginning, after man becomes a living soul, time for him starts. A giant wavefunction encompasses his total time and space conscious existence. This total experience–from the beginning– is (0). That said, his expulsion from the Garden of Eden is (-1). The “Book of Life”, which is the bible, tells of redemption (+1). It is all about flipping the state of man’s soul, re-entry into the garden, and victory over death. Mathematics supports this idea (Euler and Schroedinger). Life is a wavefuntion. By definition, redemption would require that man completes the cleansng cycle for restoration. According to the wavefunction, this man must come from above, die, resurrect,and return to the above. After all resonating souls (his seed) are synchonized, the new man and his seed return to earth having entered eternity with our creator (time,space = 0).

Panck’s Constant

Interestingly, the energy of a photon is porpotional to its frequency times Planck´s constant. Why? What if your entire existence in time is one complete wavelength defined as the “earth age”? Further, suppose that ones conscious beliefs define individuality. Planck’s constant allows for a non-human factor that is unchanged through time. It appears that the Designer left a physical clue that He fine tuned the universe for us. Therefore an intelligent designer exist outside of time and this earth age. Consider that the entire Gospel tells believers how our souls can pass through the torn veil into the presence of God, our creator.

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