A Resurrection Message

A Resurrection Message

The Resurrection-RET
Figure 1. Dehydrating hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments formed the above hydro-image. Cleary, HA has hidden divine messages within its molecular structure.

A resurrection message is in the form of an HA hydro-image (figure 1). Close scrutiny of HA hydro-images show “hidden messages” in water. Also, this hydro-image confirms the resurrection. In summary, water droplets, which contain HA fragments, dry on glass slides placed on paper plates. In addition, these plates contain love or hate words. Finally, the love plates are also exposed to the musical composition, St. John’s Passion. Amazingly, only the love plates give coherent images.

It is fair to say that this hydro-image is exactly in keeping with the bible. For example, the serpent is seen bruising the heel of the Christ looking image (Genesis 3:15). Be that as it may, this is only one of several hydro-images formed from dehydrating HA fragments under the heat of the optical microscope. There is no doubt that an observer having the “mind of God could influence the nano-assembly of HA fragments. Unfortunately, the influence of faith and belief on nano scale self-assembly is not accepted in the scientific community.

Resurrection message

Also, the photograph of the good news slide shows the Christ like figure holding a candle. Amazingly, this candle appears in two other equally important hydro-images. With this in mind, see the death shroud in the background. All things considered, It seems that HA can show hidden messages” in water (blood) of its divine purpose? It appears that water, blood, and the Spirit agree in one on earth (1 John 5:8). The fact is that resonance of souls in the “veil” synchronize with the resurrected body of Christ. In a nanosecond, souls are in a new place. Unequivocally, this transition relates to the oneness of the Trinity (1 John 5:7). According to the scriptures, the heavenly sanctuary is purified by the Blood of Jesus. Ultimately, Christ and his bride (the church) will return to earth and establish the Kingdom of God.

Figure 2. A hyaluronic acid (HA) cherub self-assemble from dehydrating HA segments. Each wing tells a story about to the message of the cross.

Christ’s victory at the cross is Satan’s defeat. As a result of this victory, the veil that once separated us from our Creator is rent. Therefore, Gentiles and Jews can freely approach God in spirit. In summary, a Holy God creates man in his image. That is to say with a spirit and a soul so that one day their souls can return to him. So, redemption is through Christ. In other words, Christ gave his blood so our souls could return to God as living souls in glorified bodies.

Spiritual Awareness

To see the hidden messages in figure 2 one must study the image with full knowledge of the Bible. For example, hydro-images of HA cherubim make sense if one understands their meaning. Consider that cherubim are at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. And, cherubim appear on the temple veil (Exodus 26: 1 KJV). Finally, our biologic veil self-assembles into these images. Finally, this proves that our Creator is also our Redeemer.

Adam & Eve

  • Bone
  • Flesh
  • Blood
  • spirit

Death eternal

Christ & the Church

  • Glorified
  • Glorified
  • Sacrificed
  • Holy Spirit

Life eternal

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