Yeshua is The One

The One  Scarlet Thread

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world
Figure 1. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ bring redemption to the gentiles and the Jews for all time.

The One is the point of convergence for the matrix into eternity future. However, the path leading to life has conditions. As a result, theobiology seeks to prove that Yeshua is the One. For example, the one in the Euler Identity is one raised to the nth power. The Holy Trinity starts this sequence. In this case, n would equal three. Also, the Holy Trinity reflects the nature of God and his dwelling place. To be sure, that dwelling place is us, his living temple. And, hyaluronic acid (HA) biology and the theology of the Holy temple veil are a match.

Amazingly, the pattern of the Hebrew temple veil (embroideries, fine twined linen, and couplings) agree with those seen for hyaluronic acid. More specifically, HA size affects its ability to self-assemble into various patterns depending on its surroundings. Without a doubt, hyaluronic acid (HA) makes an ideal veil. In this way, conscious mind mechanics could influence the properties of the curtain.

The Trinity Cube

Euler’s Identity

This equation explains the Holy Trinity (God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). In this case, three are one. And, the One is eternal. Furthermore, These three are one in the Euler Identity. Yeshua is the “One” solution to everything. Also, the Transformer (Holy Spirit), Yeshua, and the “Euler Identity” (God equation) confirm the “message of the cross.” Moreover, there are several considerations in the Euler Identity. In the first place, God is transcendental (Π , e) and complex (in).  On the other hand, God is rational (+1), but allows irrationality  (-1) in space-time. Equally important, God has no beginning and no end (0). And, God is real and natural.

Yeshua is The One

Figure 2. Theological model for MIT research.

Yeshua is the one in Figure 2. In any case, the schematic shows how all things relate to “The One.”  Additionally, shoulder stones and the chest piece are part of the Leviticus High Priest’s attire. Also, Christ enters the matrix as the Light. Sin opposes righteousness as -1 opposes +1. Moreover, Christ has a Hebrew gematria of 2, and he cancels our sin debt (+2 -1)  = +1, realigning us with God. So, We become +1 in Christ (Galatians 3: 28). The Euler Identity allows for free-will a created being with an opposing spirit (-1). In figure 2, The “message of the cross” is that all things consist in Christ.

Can the conscious mind of an observer create hydro-images from dehydrating HA fragments?

Figure 3. The  Turner experimental protocol used at MIT. HA fragments in micro-droplets resemble the 12 different stones on the chest piece of Levite High priests. 

Samples dehydrate under the heat of the optical microscope. After a time, hydro-images of a divine nature appear. Then, some analytical techniques help characterize the samples. While consciousness and quantum physics most likely play a role in these results, the bible serves as the source to interpret the “hidden messages” transmitted through water.

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