Spiritual Resonance in Priestly Attire

Supernatural Patterns of Things to Come

Spiritual Resonance and the priestly patterns
Figure 1. In this example, the High Priest pattern shows spiritual resonance. However, the light of the world seems to show that all things consist in Christ as our Creator and Redeemer. HA 12 needs HA 2 to bind dye. (|-1| + |1|) = 2. Also, recall the anti-parallel dimeric pattern of HA.

Spirit resonance in the Bible is the Rapture. So, “The Rapture” is a snatching away of “Believers” (people of God) in a fraction of a second to be with Christ. Moreover, this process requires all souls to occupy one body and one Spirit. What is the probability that multiple, but distinct states can exist simultaneously within a singularity?

To be sure, water is the universal solvent in the physical sense, and it is of the Spirit in the theological sense. As such, the children of God are “born of the Spirit.” A radio-frequency pulse could scan the earth for those in a predetermined magnetic field. The “voice of an archangel” could be a signaling sound to the elect of God. Another example relates to the anti-parallel nature of the hyaluronic molecular chain. For example, this hydrophilic (water-loving) structure has facial waters that adhere to equivalent, but opposite HA dimers. Interestingly, the hydrophobic core acts as an insulator or veil. In this example, the spirit realm and the physical realm describes the temple veil. Thankfully, this veil was “rent” by God in response to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Yeshua).

The Spirit could instantly “flip” or transport souls into another dimension. In any case, neutrons, protons, and electrons show resonance in magnetic fields. Therefore, it is plausible that living creatures in earth’s magnetic field could resonate to a spiritual dimension.

Resonance Conditions

It appears that spiritual resonance involves two states (e.g. up vs. down, + or -, or left and right handedness are determining factors. Under sufficient conditions for resonance,  quantum physics predicts that our soul could be transported or “flipped” instantly. Figure 1 represents the breastplate and shoulder ornaments of the High Priest. Christ is our High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. This pattern fits the standard model of physics. In my opinion, a “wormhole” literally exist between heaven and earth where righteous souls after death instantly converge into the Source. However, despite this connectivity, we remain distinct conscious images of Our Creator.

Connecting Theology and Science

From figure 1, the 24 matter particles could represent the 24 elders around the heavenly throne. There are two stones (6 names each) on the shoulders of the High Priest) and 12 on the breastplate. Hyaluronic acid (HA), the biological veil, requires a minimum of 12 monomers + 2 more to bind cationic dyes.  Man’s (-1) becomes (+1) in Christ, so the pattern (12) + (2) is in agreement with figure 1

The Breastplate

Consider also that the DNA genetic code is four to the third power, which resembles the matrix of the 12 stones in the breastplate of the High Priest. In the pattern (12) +(|-1| +|1|). Think of Jesus as both the Son of Man and as the Son of God|+2|. In this analogy, the body of Christ (the true church) enters eternity with God|0|. Furthermore, Christ is our |+1|. In the “God Equation,” .


Euler's Identity
Figure 2. Modified from the source. The “message of the cross” is understood as the man separating from a Holy God due to original sin. He must resonate spiritually with Christ to receive life eternal.

It seems reasonable to me that by creating man in his image, whatever God does reflects in his image. If  Christ died and resurrected, So did we through him. “For the Lord, Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.“–1 Thessalonians 4:16

“The brain is looking more like an orchestra, a multi-scalar vibrational resonance system, than a computer”–Huntington Post

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