Hyaluronic Acid Fragment Self-assembly

HA: A Molecular Shape-shifter Under the Influence

HA Self-assembly
Figure 1. Hyaluronic acid  (HA) segments self-assemble and interlock during dehydration on glass slides. This process is known as biomatrixgenesis. The Biologic veil has theological properties expressed during “biomatrixgenesis.”

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments can translate hidden messages in water. Our Creator’s veil responds to His Spirit. Proof of the Gospel is in the veil. A Believer’s faith can turn these secrets into hydro-images. The result gives indisputable evidence that Yeshua (Jesus) is “who he said he is.”

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fragment self-assembly show hierarchical “gate-like” patterning. Also, during dehydration experiments on glass slides Hydro-images show “hidden messages.” Moreover, the interlocking nature of HA self-assembly suggests divine design and intent. Without a doubt, these clues indicate the presence of an active “Messianic skit” in blood. It appears that biomacromolecules (biopolymers) are the actors. To be sure, this “skit” is a pattern of life of Christ. In fact, bible scriptures compare to these hidden messages  in HA hydro-images. HA is the biological equivalence of the tabernacle (temple) veil

Bible Prophecy

Figure 2. Self-assembling HA segments have biblical implications.

So, it is the Holy Spirit that fuses with man’s spirit to bear witness. Also interesting is that there were 14 generations from Abraham to David before the Babylonian captivity. Jesus Christ, the Son of David, sets the captives free through his shed Blood. Based on his human blood lineage, he is the “rightful heir” to the throne. Pesach occurs after the 14th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. It represents the beginning of the harvest, which fits nicely with the Rapture of the Church since Christ is also “Lord of the Harvest.”


Biblical Patterns

In the working chart below one sees the pattern of 14. Also, notice HA4 (4 wings) on each of four living creatures in Ezekiel, But, Isaiah sees four living creatures with six wings each. Apparently, when the Spirit (Yeshua) lifts up to the heavenly throne, there are two more wings. Amazingly, this is analogous to the two HA dimers (4 arms) requiring two more dimers (1 more dimer) to bind the cell membrane. 

Alignment, Fusion, and Resonance

Before fusion can take place, we must first align ourselves with His will. Only then can we resonate with our Creator.

We see that in the “God Equation, there is a complex transcendental term (*) and a (+1) term having no beginning and no end. Such a narrative sounds a lot like the Holy Trinity.

Figure 2. This chart is a draft table subject to change. It shows the relationship between divine patterning and scientific research.  Also, the pattern of 12 +2 results because of spiritual sealing or new beginning (13) followed by binding or harvesting (14).

The chart in figure 2 (subject to modification) represents an attempt at superimposing patterns that appear to be in sync with the message of the cross. Content could change as research continues. The design of the 12 stones on the Levite ephod resembles DNA (4 exp 3 triplet bases), LAM=laminin (4 arms and 3 types of chains), and HA= hyaluronic acid (3 linked tetramers (4) before dye binding). Note: the shoulders of the High Priest adorned 6 names on each of two shoulder stones (+2). Two is the ordinate and gematria value for Christ, who is Bet in the Hebrew Aleph-Tav.

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