The Soul Entrance into Holy Places at the “Torn” Temple Veil

Convergence at the temple veil
Imagine that your soul enters the living temple of God. Your soul wishes to cross the impenetrable veil into the Spirit. This is only allowed under precise conditions.  Before Christ, the blood of innocent animals covered sin. However, after Christ, the veil was torn for all souls to enter eternal life freely. Soon, the veil will close forever. 

Convergence into the one body is inevitable. The equation above proves bible scripture. For example: (1) the father and the son are one, (2) the Blood and the Water (Jesus) and the Spirit are one on earth, (3) and there are three in one in heaven   Also, the time is quickly approaching when all things in heaven and earth will converge (Matthew 28:18 KJV). However, all things consist in Christ. And, the convergence point is the cross. More specifically, the cross validates the fact that “life of the flesh is in the blood” (Leviticus 17:11 KJV) and “it is the Spirit who gives it” (John 6:63 KJV). For example, Planck-Einstein Relation (E=hf, where h is Planck’s Constant and f is the frequency) does not include a term for the one triune God. This term is in Euler’s Identity. Moreover, in the Euler Identity, one is the Trinity term (1)3, with the anti-trinity term (-1)3. On day 4 of creation, light separates from the darkness. Since patterns connect truth through time, tripartite man can choose light (1)3  or its absence (-1)3. Based on Euler’s Identity, the choice is eternal for the spirit soul. Incredibly, the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet (Gimmel). This character represents the Trinity (3) and grace dispensed by God through the Holy Spirit.

The Light of the World

In the beginning, the Spirit hovers above the waters (Genesis 1:2 KJV). Then, God spoke and Light appears (Genesis 1:3 KJV). Moreover, the Word of God is the Light of the world. To be sure, the properties of consistent are with Euler’s Identity, the Schrodinger Equation, DeBroglie, and the Planck-Einstein Relation. And, do 3D helical waves give birth to elementary particles, such as fermions and leptons?

“Consider that the Light in the middle of the wheel could represent galaxies as well as the Spirit in the middle of DNA, H2O,  and HA helical wheels.”

The Mathematics of convergence

Helical waves and convergence
Figure 2. Helical waves generated from the Euler equation may show how natural and supernatural events converge as in figure 1. 

The complex term in the Euler’s equation follows a helical path. Interestingly, this is consistent with anti-matter and imaginary components of our perception of reality. Furthermore, this treatment by Bichara Sahely connects Euler’s identity to the Schrodinger wavefunction and quantum physics. It appears that electron spin states and hydrated poly-ions traps within biopolymers store information about their origin and purpose. So, quantum entanglement could have a spiritual origin with living matter assembling from the Light. Finally, this way “back to the future” involves the Spirit Transformer (Holy Spirit).

A Phase Shift

euler-schrod-einstein (Euler's Identity and convergence)
Figure 3. The Euler Identity can unlock the secrets of quantum physics. Consider this schematic, which looks like a mathematical description of Ezekiel’s wheel. Based on this idea, the Spirit of the Living Creature is in the wheel.

Since “all things consist in Christ”, the helical waves and linear waves can unlock our divine metaphysical origin. Be that as it may, a phase shift in the light is due to the law of sin and death (-1), which  is met by an opposing power of grace and mercy (+1). To be sure, Jesus cries out and gives up the ghost. At that exact moment, the temple veil is “rent” from top to bottom.

Convergence and the Word

To understand convergence, several factors have to be understood. unfortunately, we humans have a tendency to see the world through our own eyes. This means that the unseen things around us get only a trivial consideration. Be that as it may, convergence involves the visible, the invisible, and the divine metaphysical. There exists a perpetual Force that permeates the universe.  Moreover, this Force has always been and shall remain for all eternity. Words are triggers for time-dependent events. Spoken into existence, all things are subject to His command and control. That said, man is accumulating knowledge beyond our imagination, but without the Word of God, true wisdom will remain elusive.

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