The Prophecy Watchman

The Prophecy Watchman

Prophecy Watchman
Figure 1. Haxaire’s molecular modeling of hyaluronic acid (HA) shows the four faces of the four living creatures. One of these living creatures is the face of a man (see tracing). This pattern like the other three is described in Ezekiel 1  as well as Revelation 4.

The Prophecy Watchman focuses on the end times. Particularly, this is the time of the watchmen of Revelation. Firstly, understand that some HA-hydro-images show Messianic episodes. Amazingly, entire scenes relate to the Hebrew temple curtains and the veil. Moreover, these images depict relevant structures, patterns, and properties. In any case, these findings reinforce the urgent need for guardians to spread the Gospel (Matthew 24:14) around the globe!

Proof of Prophecy

The molecular modeling  above (figure 1) shows one of the four living creatures in Ezekiel 1.  As seen in the tracing, there are four faces.  Further inspection of the three remaining living creatures are clearly shown. To be sure, these living creatures surround the throne of God and the Spirit, who enters the wheels. Without a doubt, the Spirit in the wheels is Jesus Christ. In any case, Yeshua becomes like us to cancel our sin debt (-1 +1) = (0). Ultimately, his Spirit (+1) raises him up as the Son of God and as the Son of Man. As a result, we are (+1) in Christ through faith.

The Watchman’s Role

HA cherubim wing
Figure 2. The HA fragment image of the cherubim’s right wing tells the story of Satan, the dragon, who gets thrown out of heaven.

Consequently, the role of the watchman during these end times is critical. In essence, the enemy is so viciously wicked.  In fact, the Gospel tells us there will be troubled times. Therefore this “Watchman” believes that his research on HA as it relates to the Gospel of Yeshua is timely. As a case in point, in the figure 2  hydro-image, the sword is above the image of Lucifer, who loses his place in heaven, takes on human form, and eventually trapped. Moreover, a total of six complete episodes results from HA hydro-images. In these images, we see the whole “message of the cross.” It is clear that this research reinforces the need to warn mankind the Gospel is real and that Jesus Christ is who he says he is! An omnipresent Creator knew from the beginning that man in his sinful state would reject him in the end, so he preordained some to be watchmen. Be that as it may, the researcher who published the molecular modeling of HA four living creatures may never know their impact. However, does anyone believe that this scientist would believe me?


The Watchman and the Sword

The scripture presents the watchman as an end time soldier. Fortunately, the explosion of social media provides an avenue to spread the gospel globally. In this quarterly, we learn that the Creator left his signature in his living creatures, including man. Our redemption is possible through the expressed image of YHVH, who is Yeshua. Our bodies, like the Hebrew tabernacle, is a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit. The “Blood of the Lamb,” unlike ours, is an acceptable offering to the Father for the sins of the world. We learn that through patterns, shadows, types, rituals, and prophetic visions, God reveals himself to those who seek him. In any case, this blog identifies hidden messages in hydro-images from hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments in water. And, these messages are verified by the Holy scriptures.

Christ is the One

Literally and figuratively,  the Blood of Jesus destroys the law of sin and death with the law of grace and mercy. This biblical script reverberates through patterns, rituals, types, shadows, and prophetic visions.

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