Divine Power Through the Blood

Through the Blood

Ezekiel's Wheels ~ HA Helix
Figure 1. This composite image shows how Ezekiel’s vision of 4 living creatures describes the hyaluronic acid (HA) structure (HA4 & HA6). The inner workings of the “wheel” supports the structure of mitochondrial DNA (seed of the woman). In this way, sinless blood of Yeshua (Jesus) redeems all who believe in his name.

First of all, there is no doubt in my mind that divine power can transfer through blood. In my opinion, molecular patterning in blood is more important than most people know. For example, the tabernacle patterns and embroideries in Scripture suggest spiritual overtones. These were patterns of the heavenly sanctuary.  Interestingly, scientists study resonance energy transfer and pinpoint transmission nodes to a single particle. However, religious matters are thought to be irrelevant. In my opinion, is the single most tragic omission in the history of science.  Moreover, the consequences of such failure are eternal. However, consider the following:

The Tabernacle 

The divine patterning of the tabernacle precedes that of the Hebrew temples, and finally, our bodies. These are replicas of the heavenly original. And, only the high priest–with blood– could enter. However, transporting blood through the veil substitutes for the Blood Jesus eventually sheds for our sins. Most importantly, flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Without a doubt, there is power in patterns and images. Consider our creation in God’s image and the model of the heavenly tabernacle. Given this truth, then the transfer of authority from God in heaven to us is through the indwelling of His Spirit in his temple. Also, the Spirit physically reshape his image (within the veil) into a new creation?

Priestly attire

God dictated the decorations for the clerical attire to Moses. As in the case of the tabernacle decor, these incredible details exude power. In essence, the wearer of such garments could step into the presence of God. As a result, the penalty for defying “The Almighty” was death. Moreover, it seems that these patterns receive power from the Source to the recipient.  To be sure, this transfer of power demonstrates that spiritual resonance can occur between the heavenly and earthly sanctuaries if the conditions are in agreement. Finally, the priestly attire could protect a temporary priesthood. Be that as it may, the eternal priesthood of Jesus Christ began when YHVH accepts his blood sacrifice through the Veil (the flesh).


Creation in the  image of God

It is my belief that power transfer occurs between heaven and earth within the veil of our body temple. However, through our free will, our pattern must be re-engineered according to divine specifications. But, the blood God accepts is that of Christ and not ours. So, the Holy Spirit enters our veil to sanctify us. Therefore, all those “born again” are of one body. So, when the shout goes out, these souls resonate to the source in an instant.

Pattern of the temple veil

Amazingly, our body (temple) is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. For example, the pattern given to Moses for the temple veil agrees with the properties of hyaluronic acid (HA). Without a doubt, the divine patterning of our temple veil appears plausible considering the heavenly tabernacle design. In fact, a sanctuary design in the image of God could explain divine energy transfer between heaven and earth.

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