The Veiled Heart: A Quantum Cloaking Device

“Let not your heart be troubled…” John 14:1

Figure 1. “My soul is anchored to the inner veil of my heart. The veil over the heart is removed by the Spirit of God (2 Corinthians 3:15-18). The Spirit within knows me. For me, my soul magnifies God through faith, praise, and worship. But, “The Word of God” is a discerner of my thoughts and intent of my heart (Hebrew 4:12). Thanks to my Creator, I am cloaked in the righteousness of Christ. My anchor holds as he invites me to enter into life eternal.”

The HA Veil and the Heart

First and foremost science and the bible are interconnected truths. Why? Because without science, one would need either faith in the bible or a human devised tool to test its authenticity. Most people would not have faith. Theobio attempts to prove the Gospel using science. On this site, my research reveals that the body’s temple veil is a pattern of Ezekiel’s Wheels and the Hebrew temple veil. Consider that the flesh is the first veil and the second veil is actually a double veil, which surrounds the heart. The HA veil, hyaluronic acid (HA), in heart regeneration relates to its divine patterning. Is there a difference between the two veils? Yes. The highly embroidered second veil is the most sacred. On a granular level, the human cell has this same patterning. Biblical narratives are expressed as shadows, types, ordinances, patterns, and prophetic visions.

Figure 2. The heart is a divine cloaking device, which is activated by our faith in the finished work of Christ. God, a discerner of our thoughts and the intent of the heart (Hebrews 4:12), writes his messages on the veil (2 Corinthians 3:3). Our sin debt, while canceled by Our Redeemer, must be accepted by us so our soul can resonate with the One, who is God (John 10:30). In this way, we are cloaked in the righteousness of Christ as we enter into eternal life.

The bible says God writes his epistles (hidden messages) on the veil of our heart. Due to sin, we need The Redeemer within the veil to cloak us in his righteousness. Remember that God discerns the intent of the heart. Be that as it may, the heart then acts as our cloaking device where “The Blood” meets the “Breath of Life”, Jesus (Yeshua). Look at this like a two part series. The “Son of Man” offers his blood. God accepts this offering as atonement for sin and rips open the outer veil from inside the sanctuary. However, Believers cannot enter beyond the second veil until Christ opens our heart from the inside through the Spirit. After receiving the Spirit, we cloak ourselves in the righteousness of Christ. We can now enter into holy places.

The HA Veil and the Blood

The blood pumps through our heart and our soul needs the “Breath of Life” to live in the flesh. With knowledge of how the blood circulates throughout flesh, it is clear that the life of the flesh is in the blood. However, since the Spirit gives life, our soul needs a new birth to enter the presence of God. Our only hope is Christ. Why? Because only Christ has sacrified his life for the world and still lives. As the only “Righteous Redeemer” he alone paid our sin debt. That said, Believers are “born again” of “The Water, The Blood, and The Spirit.” We are cloaked in Christ.

Hidden Messages from the Veil

The Spirit of the living creature is in the wheels (HA). Spiritual power transfers from the throne of Grace through the Blood and engraves God’s epistles on our heart. Why are the messages of the veil revealed now? We are in the end times and there are great deceptions perpetrated by false prophets and antichrists. Those who are not in Christ will be deceived. The messages from the veil provides proof of God and the Gospel. Time is running out and living souls enter eternity. That said, life beyond the veil requires that our cloaking device (heart) gets tuned to the correct resonance frequency. Our conscience mind initiates the thought process based on what we see and what we believe within our heart. If the frequency of the heart is out of tune, there will be no cloaking into the “One”, Christ.

Validation from the Prophets

Turner’s research was not only confirmed by Haxaire et al (2000), but by the bible prophets. Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah in detail (Isaiah 52:13-53:12). This becomes inportant when this prophecy is actually fulfilled. God in the flesh (the veil) is expressed as a physical patterned described to Moses. This pattern, which separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place, is a measurable object. The Spirit in the wheels described in Ezekiel’s vision is a pattern of the biomaterial veil shown to be hyaluronic acid (HA). Unlike the complexity of DNA, HA differs in its singular and timeless message of the Gospel. Such a “hidden message” stored throughout the ages must be intentional.