The Gospel

The Light of the World

Figure 1. For all on the earth, the “wormhole” into eternal life excludes all flesh and blood. Only the soul cloaked in righteousness, which is the body of Christ, enters. There is no way other way in time or space.

The Light of the world is the One, who is Christ. As The One, he is the “Way” into eternal life (John 14:6). Be that as it may, “If our Gospel be hid, it is hid from those who don’t believe” (2Cor 4:3). This blog provides proof of the Gospel, who was on the veil. Unlike many, I believed from the beginning that Jesus is who he said he is. That is to say, I never doubted what I learned in Sunday school. As I grew up it became clear that even some of my teachers had doubts. Today, it appears that my science colleagues, who lack faith in the bible, do not know that the Bible contains testable hypotheses. The text uses patterns, types, shadows, rituals and prophetic visions to connect all time and relevant events. In this way messages concealed in the Old Testament can be revealed in the New Testament. That said, revelations froms the veil give proof that God was in Christ.

The Book and the Temple

The Bible (Book of Life), is about Christ, the temple of God. Since DNA, a helix, is the language of life (Collins), then hyaluronic acid (HA), also a helix, must be its cover (Turner). Life is in Christ who came to earth in the volume of the book, which is written about him (Hebrews 10:7, Psalms 40:7), but that same Spirit of God that raised Christ from the grave (Romans 8:11) also writes on the fleshy part of our heart (2Cor 3:3). Put another way, the messages on the veil of our heart must be in agreement with the “Book of Life”. In essence, gospel messages concealed in parables and prophecies can be revealed by God’s elect at the “end of days.” Hyaluronic acid (HA) is such a testable object

Hidden Messages in the Veil

Figure 2. DNA is the information molecule for life in the Blood. However, HA is the information molecule containing the signature of “The Life Giver”.

Basically, the message of the veil is that God has given us eternal life and that life is in Christ (1John 5:11). As the temple of God (1Cor 3:16), the Spirit within us, is a revealer of truths. Are there measureable embroideries or engravings on our biological veil? The answer is yes. Hydro-images formed from hyaluronic acid segments in aqueous solution can re-assemble during dehydration into nanoscale and microscale depictions of the Gospel. It appears that the ability to reassemble in vitro suggests that these messages are stored in water and HA translates. These images include the heavenly throne room, the resurrection, and cherubim. The three states of water allow for information to be stored in matter and in the clouds. Perhaps this is why—from the beginning—the Spirit hovered above the waters before God spoke. Then, the Spirit moves on the face of the waters as God records. In this way, The Blood (DNA) translates the “Word of God” into the life within the flesh, which is our temple veil.