Divine Design

Purposeful Design

Figure 1. The “Word” was made flesh and lived among us. As God was in Christ, he rose from the dead. Believers are redeemed through his blood and can now enter the presence of God.

This site proclaims YHVH as the great “I am that I am”. While many scientists ignore divinely inspired scholars from old, this scientist does not. Isaiah declares the Gospel 700 years before the birth of Christ. Moses build the Hebrew tabernacle (temple)—a pattern of Christ—according to instructions given to him by God. Ezekiel describes how Christ came to earth, dies, and resurrects. This scientist along with others—who unknowingly verify my results—prove that “God was in Christ.”

Today many engineers are being inspired by nature’s designs. That said, we too are are a design patterned after our Creator. As Isaiah had foretold, Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach) would come to earth and carry out his mission successfully (Isa 52:13-53:12). Despite the fact that Jewish scholars saw this prophecy fulfilled in front of their very eyes, they rejected Christ. However, Moses and Ezekiel also makes it clear to us today, that God was in Christ. This Gospel is messaged within the veil as an “end of the age” testimony to the world. Despite the onslaught of deceptions and false doctrines throughout the world, God left his signature and proof of the Gospel within his temple veil. Since we are the temple of God ( 1 Cor 3:16), the Gospel is within us—Believers.

Examining the Temple Veil

Figure 2. HA fragments self-assemble under the heat of the optical microscope. Other than physical factors, it seems that conscious intent (love, hate, beliefs, or faith) of an observer direct HA fragments to form various patternings.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that the Hebrew tabernacle and temples were patterns of the heavenly sanctuary. More importantly, God met his chosen people there until the heavenly sanctuary was purified with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Believers are now the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit because we are the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16). To that end, the pattern of the veil is also in us. Using the description of the veil by both Moses and Ezekiel, we can now compare the biblical veil to our biological veil using modern science and technology. To this day I am mystified by the willingness of engineers to shape nature’s designs in our own image while dismissing our own Creator.

The Scaffolding Veil

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is formed through a biological process from nanoBITs (carbohydrate dimers with the structure, GlcUA–GlcNAc) stitched together with a synthase enzyme. Turner refers to this process as biomatrixgenesis. The product formed is a scaffold or veil, which has both physical and spiritual properties. Recall the biblical description of how the Hebrew temple veil was stitched together (Exodus:26). When compared, one can see that our biological veil is a pattern of Moses’ veil. We are told that we (believers) are in Christ even as he is in us (John 14:20) and we are now the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16). Be that as it may, the Spirit drives the biomatrixgenesis process in living creatures. In otherwords, the Spirit of the living creatures is in the wheels (HA, DNA, & water helices).


Figure 3. HA fragments self-assemble through biomatrixgenesis in vitro to form hydro-images. This nanoscale hydro-image following dehydration on a glass slide depicts an accurate account of the heavenly throne room according to the Bible.

In summary, the “hidden messages” within the veil, that is to say, our biological veil proves that we are the temple of God. As believers, the Spirit of God writes on the fleshy part of out heart (2 Cor 3:3). This is reminiscent of the veil which hung in the Hebrew taberbacle (temple). Perhaps the most significant event in the history of mankind was the tearing of the temple veil after the sacrifice by Christ. This discovery may be the clearest example ever of proving that “God was in Christ” using a highly descriptive biblical object confirmed using modern science and technology.

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