The Spirit in the Wheels

The Spirit Enters the Matrix

Figure 1. In order to redeem us from the penalty of sin, which is death, Jesus Christ became us, died, and resurrected as the victorious Lord of All. As the temple of God, that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in us “Believers “.

Many inhabitants of our planet no longer considers God as creator of all things and the life-giver. As a result, scientists consider life as resulting from a randon act of nature over eons of time. After a time, theories of evolution and parallel universes began to emerge. The truth is that life comes from life and this life is in Christ. Furthermore, science is the perfect tool to prove this reality. The bible is the “Word of God” and the Book of Life exclusively. That said, in theobiology, the Bible can be used to construct testable hypotheses, which are then tested in the laboratory. To that end, this website uses the discovery of HA as a case in point. Turner compared the pattern of the temple veil he discovered to that described by Moses and Ezekiel. Moreover, this research makes it clear that the Gospel message is in us, the temple of God. So, it could be said; the Spirit is in in the veil.

A Molecular Shape-Shifter

()n Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a carbohydrate chain molecule that can shape-shift in water based on physical conditions. The nature of HA chain length dependency was determined under physiological conditions and in vitro. Later, the molecular patterning of HA in water and in the cell was verified by Moses. To that end, a more descriptive molecular pattern was determined by independent researchers with no knowledge of my work. Their results were confirmed as fitting the temple veil patterning by Ezekiel.

It occurred to this researcher that a rare opportunity had presented itself. The temple veil described by Moses and the biomaterial veil within us (1 Corinthians 3:16) share the same pattern. Moreover, that pattern is sacred and contains “hidden messages” related to the Gospel. The observation that HA had a pattern consistent with the Hebrew tabernacle veil was worth examining in greater detail. Using advance methodology and modern equipment, the patterns described by Moses was compared with the pattern found by this author at MIT.

A Wheel Within A Wheel

The detailed patterning determined by molecular modeling matches that described by Ezekiel perfectly. Taken together, there is no doubt that HA is the wheel within a wheel with DNA in the middle of the wheel. This is consistent with the idea that the Spirit gives life but the life of the flesh is in the “Blood”. Why? Imagine that the Spirit is in the middle of the wheel and no DNA is present before the Spirit enters the matrix. One way that the blood and the flesh remain separated from the Spirit is if the DNA is veiled by hyaluronic acid (HA). That said, each of the 4 living creatures seen by Ezekiel would be rotating individually within a circular ring, which is also revolving around the Spirit in the middle. This configuration could be described as having the appearance of a “wheel within a wheel”.

What is so important about the veil?

HA hydro-images tell the Gospel of Christ through size-dependent shape-shifting during dehydration. One can see how semi-flexible, chain-length dependent repeat units can literally self-assemble into pixelated images within a biomatrix veil. With the latter image in mind, picture the embroidered veil of our heart as a heavenly pattern or portal from earth to heaven. The Spirit, who writes on the veil of our heart, transports our soul through the portal into the presence of our Creator. A type of quantum resonance may take place between the heart of God and the heart of a “Believer”.

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