The Matrix Transformed

My brothers and sisters let us get real. We are created in God’s image. Secondly, we were sentenced to eternal death due to the original sin by one man. Thirdly, we need a redeemer. Now, here is the good news. To redeem us, God became us. He came to earth in his own image, which he created. So, death through one man Adam becomes life through one man Jesus (Yeshua). Just as Christ rose from the dead incorruptible, through him we will rise incorruptible. Therefore, we must be born again. In this way, we are in him as He is in the Father.

As a devoted servant of the Sovereign God, it is my duty to inform a disbelieving world that our Gospel is in the veil. That said, the double temple veil is within us, the temple of God (1Corithians 3:16). The inner veil forms a matter/spirit interface. Here, the Spirit of God discerns our thoughts and the intent of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). In a way the heart serves as our cloaking device. As Christ cloaks us believers in his righteousness (Isaiah 61:10), we enter God’s presence through him. Unfortunately, many people will be deceived (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

Two Matrices

The veil divides the material world and the spiritual world linked through the cross. The boundary conditions for entry from earth to heaven are satisfied by the Gospel. However, natural scientists are bending over backwards with evolving theories such as; string theory, the multiverse theory, the quantum cosmos, and any other that is antithetical to a Creator.

One matrix is S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). This reflects how we see the matter world. In Christ, our mind conforms to our heart. The other is spiritual and this rquires transformation of the heart to persuade our mind. These two matrices are separated by the veil, which contains the Gospel. The Gospel is the bridge connecting the two matrices where elements of one are “transposed” into the other. In otherwords, the Spirit acts on the heart as the mind interprets the world around us. God knows the intent of the heart and can discern our thoughts. Once the veil is removed, we can see the Creator’s handiworks through spiritual eyes. As a result, true believes through faith acknowledge that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) was God (HaShem) in the flesh (veil).

Two Books for Two Matrices

Hard copies of HaShem Veil can be purchased from (currently under revision).Download a copy of HaShem Veil, my e-book, which compares hyaluronic acid (HA) structure to the biblical veil patterning. The MATRIX will be available soon!

Since we are living souls occupying an earthly veil, I tried to address both. That said, the elements defining the human matrix need harmony or convergence. The creation of a scientific learning community using S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) is not in conflict with the Gospel. In fact, these tools can be used to find evidence for the Gospel since no conflict exists.

Spiritual Healing

The importance of this work is even more significant when we look at the power of faith to cause spiritual healing of the body. The Spirit in the helical wheels can supernaturally restores one’s body if a person truly believes ( Corinthians 12:7-11, Galations 3:14) in their heart. When we die there are two possible eternal destinations for our spirit-soul. Believers in Christ enter eternal life and those outside of Christ enter eternal death. Make no mistake! Everyone will be judged and will be found quilty except the “born again” Believers. God knows our thoughts and the intent of the heart (our personal feelings and opinions are irrelevant) Hebrews 4:12.


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