The “Brane” or “Veil”

A Timeless Divine Patterning, The Veil

Figure 1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a pattern of Moses’ veil and Ezekiel’s wheels (Turner at MIT, 2008 and Haxaire et al, 2000). It is the timeless pattern of Christ, our Cloak of Righteousness, in whose image we were created.

We know that the Spirit is within us (Believers) as the temple of God. So what? Our flesh bodies can be healed by the Spirit (James 5:15). This suggests that a matter-spirit “brane” or “veil” allows power to flow from the Spirit to our flesh. This also suggests that quantum entanglement plays a role in the soul’s transport between the matter and spirit realms. Most scientists focus on HA’s usefulness as a commercial product. My interest is solely focused on HA’s divine purpose as it relates to its physical properties. That said, soulful fellowship with God’s Spirit is possible through such a fleshy brane or veil.

The biomatrix veil has the appropriate biophysical and spiritual properties to make it an ideal “temple” veil (1-Corinthians 3:16). Hyaluronic acid is made from Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. These elements return to our Creator as a burnt offering performed by the Leviticus priesthood, which produces CO2, H2O, and NH3. These elements from burning fat and the offering of blood pleased God (Leviticus 3:16-17). In this schematic we can see that the pleasing aroma from the altar of sacrifice reaches God as well as the priestly prayers from the altar of incense. The burning of incense using fire from the altar of sacrifice was continuous.

Spiritually speaking we can visualize the passing of the soul into the body of Christ and ask what would be an equivalent biological pattern. In otherwords, a Spirit-filled soul (anchored to the heart) would past through the flesh inner veil (HA) and through the blood.

Leviticus Rituals and the Inner Veil

Figure 2. Leviticus High Priests performed blood rituals to cleanse the Israelites from sin according to the laws of Moses. Although all the fat, kidney, and liver lohbes were offered as a burnt offering for sin, the hide and flesh were burned outside of the camp. All fat and blood belonged to the Lord. Since we are the living temple of God, The biomatrix patterning of the temple veil is hyaluronic acid (HA).

The cherubim embroidered veil is at the entrance to the Holy of Holies. Our biomatrix veil it a size-dependent shape-shifter. The Leviticus tabernacle rituals reflected this physical reality, which had divine and spiritual significance. (See HA fragments showing linen patterns and cherubim as described by Moses). Just as HA, a carbohydrate, has spiritual significance related to Christ, so do fats, protein, and nucleic acids.

Trans-dimensional Veil

The transforming power of the Holy Spirit changes our heart (Isaiah 11:19 and resets our mind (Romans 22:2). These effects are under the control of our sovereign God. It is through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ that we are made righteous in the sight of God (Isaiah 61:10). Be that as it may, God knows our thoughts and the intent of the heart (Hebrews 4:13).

The Hebrew temple rituals can be compared to the Gospel messages concerning the body of Christ. Having purified the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood. We can now go there as “flesh of his flesh and bone of his a bone.” Since Adam said those same words, this could only mean that we must be born again.

Figure 3. A schematic of how man is “ born again.” The old man, a sinner is the seed of Adam. The new man is the seed of Christ. As a result we move from death into life. That said, life is in Christ, who has redeemed his seed through his own blood. Believers will be reborn with incorruptible, eternal, and gloried bodies.

Imagine the existence of a quantum “brane” or veil that connects the natural and supernatural dimensions. Trans-dimensional travel is only possible through the heart. Only our soul can make that trip (after physical death) through a spirit-filled transformed heart.

Only unblemished blood can pass throught the second veil. Why? Things holy to God are acceptable, while those things unholy are detestable and an abomination. Sin corrupts. Only our soul and righteous acts count toward our justification. However, to be justified we need the Righteous Redeemer. When we cloak ourselves in the righteousness of Christ, we are acknowledging that Christ is Lord and Savior. Because we are created in his images, just as Christ lives so will we. He is in us as the Father is in us (John 14:20).