Comprehending the Veil

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments dehydrating on a glass slide were photographed over time. At a certain time, this image was captured. Close scrutiny reveals the patterning or embroidery of the Gospel. The veil is breached by a link to Christ, our gateway, who was born of Mary in the Holy Place. He died (lower supine image) and resurrected (top of image) after which he returned to the throne. Our path into the Most Holy Place is through him. Hidden messages like this one and others during these experiments suggest that HA is the veil or flesh molecule within us, the temple of God (1-Corinthians-3-16.

Tearing of the Temple Veil may be the most important event to occur in the entire universe. Why? Because if the veil remains, we would not regain paradise. Since the fall of Adam, we needed to be redeemed. First, the Jews and then the Gentiles. To understand this reality, we need to understand God’s plan of salvation through faith in the infallible and perpetual Word of God. Both the Old and the New Testments tell the story. Human intellect and our sinful nature will not help us find truth. Only through the grace of God through faith in His Holy Word will we have understanding. We need a change in heart, which comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God.

Concealed messages from the Old Testament

  • Revelation comes through the use of biblical types, patterns, shadows, rituals, and prophetic visions. We see our reality by looking back to the law and the prophets. For example, Isaiah-52-13_53-12 tells all about the Messiah ~700 years before Christ was born.

Revealed messages in the New Testment

  • Revelation comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The Spirit moves us to seek after the truth. Our hearts are transformed as we are born again of the Water and the Spirit. If you understand the Hebrew Tabernacle and temple designs you would see why we, as the temple of God (1Corinthians 3:16), have a biomatrix veil of the same pattern.

Trans-dimensional Gateway to Heaven

  • If you believe that you will go to heaven some day, let’s be clear. You must be changed to go from a matter world to a spiritual one. Only your soul will survive as the original you. Without a brain and a body, what should you expect?


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