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To get the full impact of this site you must open your mind and heart to the realization that our Creator is real and that His written words are life. That said, an understanding of how the Old and New Testments relate to the Gospel is crucial. Finally, the object of study is the temple veil, which was torn for us by God in response to the greatest and most consequential act of love ever perpetrated throughout all time and eternity!

I. Definitions/Explanations

    • HA Double Helix Interconvertible Types:
      1HYA ~ 2HYA ~ 3HYA ~ 4HYA
      *Hyaluronic Acid = Hyaluronan = Hyaluronate = HA = HYA

    • HA in Hebrew // HA (Aleph and Hey)

      Hey in Hebrew is formed from Dalet (the Doorway from Judah) and Yod (the Spirit). Reflects a returning to God by means of the transforming power of the Spirit. Aleph is a picture of God-Man unity.

    • HA S.H.E.M. (an acronym)

      It is interesting that the biosynthetic process for controlling HA molecular scaffold size spells the Jewish name for God, HaShem (HA Synthases & Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix).

    • A Helix Wheel:

      The Spirit-filled HA helix in us (HA) is a pattern of the Hebrew Temple Veil described in Exodus 26:31-35, Ezekiel’s Wheels (Ezekiel 1). Ezekiel’s wheels could be described as “helical wheels” if gazed upon from the top down.

    • Biomatrixgenesis:

      The process by which HA fragments self-assemble is not only due to molecular shape-shifting and size-dependency. The process is under divine influence. I, Dr. Ray Turner, coined the term to better explain thus process.

    • NANOBIT (NanoBIT) acronym:

      HA fragments self-assemble from an HA dimer. This basic hydrated HA unit carries information as it self-assembles into the biomatrix veil under both physical and divine influence. This acronym means Nanoscale Biocompatible Information Transferon.

II. HA Flesh Molecule is a Divine Pattern

  • HA Double Helix Resembles Moses’ Tabernacle Veil and Ezekiel’s Wheel.
Ezekiel 1:4-21

Figure 1. The 4 living creatures described in Ezekiel 1 (viewed from the top down) are 4 HA interchangeable double helices (each one has 4 faces and 4 wings). As they turn, the Spirit in the middle of the wheels spins DNA (viewed from the top down). This pattern resembles the “wheel within a wheel” described by Ezekiel. Imagine the Spirit being transformed into a living creature using mitochondrial DNA. The wound of virgin Mary became a sanctuary for the emaculate birth of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach).


What Ezekiel saw appears to be the Son of God decending to Earth from the throne. Since God is Holy, the four living creatures surrounding the throne praise, worship and sing a song during the decent. Also in his vision, John (Revelation-4-7_4-8) sees the throne ascending, but each of the living creatures now have six wings each instead of four. The creatures around the throne (no longer called living creatures) now sing a different song.

Exodus 26:1-4, Exodus 26:30-34

Figure 2. The 4 living creatures described in Ezekiel is also the veil patterning described in Exodus 26 by Moses. Both patterns appear to be that of hyaluronic acid (HA), the biomatrix flesh molecule. Ezekiel saw God in a vision as the living temple from Heaven, while Moses constructed the temple he made out of earthly materials. We are the living temple created in the the image of God.

Research performed by me (Turner, R.E.,MIT in HaShem Veil) and from Haxaire et al, 2000, taken together shows that HA is a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil and Ezekiel’s wheels. All of these things point to the Gospel and the temple veil.

Exodus 26:1-4, Exodus 26:30-34

Figure 3.

HA, a hydrated ion-rich molecular shape-shifter, shows size-dependent self-assembly. As shown in figure 2, variation in molecular chain lengths and assembly arrays allows for an interconnecting electroactive network.