A Single HA Double Helix Forms Interconvertible Types: A Molecular Shape-Shifter

1HYA ~ 2HYA ~ 3HYA ~ 4HYA

*Hyaluronic Acid = Hyaluronan = Hyaluronate = HA = HYA


HA S.H.E.M. (an acronym)

It is interesting that the biosynthetic process for controlling HA molecular scaffold size spells the Jewish name for God, HaShem (HA Synthases & Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix).

A Helix Wheel

The Spirit-filled HA helix in us (HA) is a pattern of the Hebrew Temple Veil described in Exodus 26:31-35, Ezekiel’s Wheels (Ezekiel 1). Ezekiel’s wheels could be described as “helical wheels” if gazed upon from the top down. A double helix would look like a wheelย  within a wheel.


While both form long chain double helix molecules, they serve different functions. DNA uses its sequence to code for amino acids, the building blocks of living creatures. HA uses its molecular chain lengths to code for divine patternings, connecting flesh and spirit. This latter case fulfills the biblical description of the Hebrew temple veil and Ezekiel’s wheel.

**The tabernacle was an early form of the Hebrew temple