HA Self-assembling Biomatrix Veil

“This is the way”…John 14:6

Our flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, who or what can? The Spirit, The Water, and The Blood are one on earth (1John 5:8). Based on the scriptures, we pass through the blood and enter that which is within the veil as seen in the figure above. Since there is only one in Heaven (1John 5:7), after death we are recreated in the image of God. Therefore, it appears to me that the flesh molecule, HA, interfaces with the water and spirit on both sides of the veil. Our soul is anchored to a new and glorified body.

My focus necessarily on this topic is my understanding of the arguments made on both sides of the God debate. After listening to Hawkins, Craig, Meyers, Collins, Dawkins, Lennox, and others, in my opinion they can be viewed as either atheists or theists. Why is the temple veil the most important evidence? Because according to the scriptures, God tore the veil and left his fingerprints and signature there. DNA is coded and differs from individual to individual. However, HA is redundant and is exactly identical in every living creature. One pattern for all. That is until the fall. After the fall, a veil covering from the sacrifice of an innocent animal is required. Tearing the veil once and for all time due to Jesus’ sacrifice redeems all of us. Who tore the temple veil from top to bottom (Mark 15:38)? If not a transcendental God, who son just died, then who had the motive, the opportunity, and the means? That moment in time proves to me that the Father accepted the sacrifice of the Son for our transgressions.

Recall that after Adam and Eve sinned, God covered them with animal skin (Genesis 3:21). This temporary fix required the shedding of blood and the animal skin used was most likely rich in hyaluronic acid (HA). After Christ dies, God tears the veil, a pattern of the previous one, to open up a new and living way (Hebrews 10:20). At a singular point in time, the torn veil opens the gate to our  Father, YHWH (John 14:6). Living within the veil (the flesh) allows us to praise and worship Our Creator and Redeemer. Spiritually speaking, to enter eternal life you must be in Christ (Yeshua) as the Father is in him (John 14:20). After death—in Christ (Colossians 1:17)—we enter the “wormhole” linking Earth to Heaven (1John 5:7, 1John 5:8).

To get there we have to die first. God, HaShem, gave mankind a death sentence. Our flesh and blood will return to dust, but our eternal soul needs an anchor (Hebrews 6:19). A substitute for us would have to be righteous, sinless, in human form, and willing to die for the entire world (John 3:16). That is to say, they tore his flesh (veil) and spilled his blood for our transgressions. The one who is, who was, and is to come is Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach), Lord of All (Revelation 1:8)!

Let us be clear about one thing. If the only way to God is through Christ, then our new glorified body will be a resurrected incorruptible body like His. Perhaps the hyaluronic acid fragments in water embroiders images of God on the hearts of Believers, which testifies to our rebirth and restores us to our Creator.

Faith and Science

Creationists are not taken seriously by scientists. This is because many place their faith in science, not the invisible designer. In my opinion, the truth of the Bible should be tested against science, not just against other religions. Scientists insist on proof and evidence. But, faith in the “Word of God” can lead one to establish a testable hypothesis. A case in point is the results reported on this website. The hypothesis is based on the writings of Moses and Ezekiel about the tabernacle (or temple) veil (Exodus 26: 31-34) and Ezekiel’s wheel (Ezekiel 1:4-21). Also John mentions the four Living creatures (beasts) returning to heaven (Revelation 4: 6-8). Using the scriptures, Turner was able to compare the living temple veil (1 Corinthians 3:16) to the ones described by two “men of God” separated by eight centuries. About three millennia later at MIT, the flesh molecule hyaluronic acid was tested and found to provide proof of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach).

Watch this YouTube video on “The Torn Veil.” See The relationship between the One, who is Christ, and the Hebrew temple veil. Believers are wrapped in his cloak of Righteousness (Isaiah 61:10) and transformed as God knows our thoughts and can discern The intent of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). The torn veil is our way to paradise. Christ (the “Light of the World”) is suspended between 0 (the beginning) and 1 (eternity). +1 is eternity future and -1 is eternity pass. Amazingly, Euler’s Identity proves that all things Consist in Christ, the One. Torn flesh spills blood. This is why all Believers must pass through the Blood of Jesus and be one with Him. We must agree in “One” on Earth (1John 5:8) so we can be in “One” in Heaven (1John 5:7).

At NYU (formerly Brooklyn Poly), I studied hyaluronic acid (HA) physical properties as a function of molecular chain length. Intrigued, I worked in Toole’s lab to better understand HA’s biological properties. I believe fate led me to MIT where I had three years to analyze the surface properties of HA as a function of chain length. Soon it became clear that HA was a pattern of both, the Hebrew temple and Ezekiel’s wheel. If Christ came in the volume of the book (Hebrew 10:7), which is written about Him, and DNA is the language of God (Francis Collins), then HA is his covering (the flesh). Torn for our salvation, this discovery is proof of the Gospel veil. In addition, my results prove that God writes his epistles on our heart, which can transform us through his Spirit.
In this way, we are justified, sanctified, and glorified in the name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach), Lord of All!

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Author : Ray Turner

My work in higher education led to my induction as a Portsmouth,Virginia notable (2006) by my birth home. This tribute included better known inductees such as Missy Elliott, Ruth Brown, Ada Barbour, the late Bill Deal, Perry Ellis and others. I retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as the Executive Dean of Roxbury Community College in Boston. The highlight of my research career was my appointment as a research affiliate at MIT. It was there where I discovered that hyaluronic acid (HA), the flesh molecule, is a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil and Ezekiel's wheel. My goal is to promote a new paradigm for the life sciences where testable hypotheses are formulated from the inerrant "Word of God."

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