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Hidden Messages in Water Reveal
Yeshua (Jesus)


It is important to note that God communicated with Moses directly, (Exodus 25:9) and with Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:3) and John ( Revelation 4: 7-8) through visions. This author explored HA veil biopatterning using analytical methods only recently invented. In my work it appears that the Spirit engraves [G1449 Strong’s] hydro-images on the HA veil. The images shown on this site were discovered and captured from isolated HA veil fragments during dehydration. Under these experimental conditions, they prove the Gospel. The discovery of the hyaluronic acid (HA) Hebrew temple patterning of the curtains and the veil has several implications:

(1) Only an intelligence outside of time could reveal the nanoscale molecular pattern of hyaluronic acid, our temple veil.
(2) The Gospel was in the veil (the flesh).
(3) The importance of the torn veil (torn flesh/spilled blood).
(4) After the tearing of Christ’s flesh and the spilling of his blood, God tore the temple veil creating a gateway (wornhole) into heavenly places.
(5) Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the only way to God.

Observations in the bible recorded thousands of years ago by divinely inspired writers can be authenticated using science. The Hebrew temple veil is the perfect test sample. For instance, the
patterns on the veil provide indisputable proof of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Grace and mercy places our sin burden on Christ, who paid it in full.

Science together with faith can reveal truth. In our natural flesh bodies we can only “see through a glass, darkly”. (1 Cor 13:12)

Unbelievable results are seen for dehydrating HA fragments under the heat of the optical microscope. In conducting experiments presented in this treatise, a distinction is made between a spirit-filled observer and an unbeliever. Admittedly controversal, Dr. Masura Emoto shows how ones thoughts or words could alter a hydrated biomatrix.  Biblical prophets could not be wrong even once or they faced execution based on the laws of Moses. 

HA Hydro-images

HA Hydro-image

Figure 2. HA fragments self-assemble into a cube embroidered with the Gospel. While the cherubim side of the cube is not shown, it is a pattern of the veil that hung before the holy of holies, which was a perfect cube. Close scrutiny shows the life of Christ imaged on a cube. One with knowledge of the gospel will see a pattern of the heavenly throne describing Yahweh’s presence with Israel as being “enthroned between the cherubim” (1Samuel 4:4, 2Samuel 6:3, 2 Kings 19:15, 1Chronicles 13:6, Isaiah 37:16). It is important to remember that the experiments are performed using a high powered light microscope (implies that light is also a heat source as well). Photographs are taken as micro-droplets of the samples dehydrate. During this process, an observer’s conscious beliefs apparently influence HA nanoscale assembly.

This summary of the life of Christ on a chip is consistent with the bible. The apostles creed (minus reference to the exclusivity of Catholism) sums up Christ’s life as it pertains to the Gospel. To reiterate, the constant theme throughout this blog is that the temple veil is imaged within us. What is the reason for this? Remember that from the scriptures, we are in Christ and Christ is in us even as the Father is in him (John 14:20). Simply put, we are born again of the “Spirit” through The Blood of Christ (Yeshua) as a new creation(1 John 5:8). In this way, we can be one with The Holy Spirit, The Father, and The Son in heaven (1 John 5:7).

The illustrated cherub hydro-image is the most fascinating. This hydro-image was formed from dehydrating HA fragments. However, a comprehensive knowledge of the old and new testaments as they pertain to the Gospel is required to understand these results. We will focus on the left and right wings of the creature. As illustrated, the right wing tells of the Leviticus Priesthood while the left wing tells of Satan’s defeat. The botton portion of the cherub tells us that out of God’s heart, his Son dies for us and is resurrected. We will also resurrect in like manner.

Figure 3. A fully formed cherubum emerges from dehydrating HA fragments (Genesis3: 24). Each part of this image has a gospel message. For instance,
the left wing with the sword indicates divine justice and the right wing indicates divine mercy.

A fully formed cherub illustrates the gospel message. The right wing depicts the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. Keep in mind that to discern the details of this hydro-image, a knowledge of the rituals, types, ordinances, shadows, and prophecies related to the Gospel must be understood. Without this biblical knowledge and inspiration of the Spirit, an unbeliever will have no understanding. Having said that, the story in the right wing should be clear to those with understanding. The veil separation divides the priest on the left from the High Priest on the right. Their incenses meet above the temple to bind the dragon. The truth is that the Gospel is hid from those who are lost. The left wing depicts Satan’s defeat. One can see the large sword that appears to block the escape of the dragon, who is being thrown out of the cherubum’s body. The large stone looks like a blockage as well. Remember that these images are being interpreted based on the bible and nothing else. Everything in the left wing is consistent with the expulsion of Satan (the dragon) from heaven.

Cherub Right Wing

Figure 4a and b. It is important to compare the bible’s description of the Hebrew temple worship and design with this HA fragment illustrated images of the right and left wings of an HA cherubum, respectively.

While the entire cherub is illustrated in figure 3, the right wing is described here. Based on the Hebrew tabernacle or temple described in the bible, the location of the priest is the Holy Place and he is seen praying and using incense. The smoke from the incense goes up and binds Satan. Also, in the next location behind the veil is the Most Holy Place. Here, the high priest offers a blood sacrifice for the people and sends up incense. This incense also binds Satan. Be that as it may, the scenario verifies the biblical account with complete accuracy. Keep in mind that this story is illustrated with self-assembling HA fragments during dehydration. That said, the HA acts like the temple curtains and the veil (the flesh). One could say that proof of the Gospel is in the veil. It is important to note that a deep understanding of the bible and faith may shape what we see in these images. 

Cherub Left Wing

The cherubum’s left wing shows Satan or the Dragon ejected from heaven where he deceives the whole world (Revelation 12: 7-12). The message from the left wing tell us that Satan will be defeated and God will be victorious.

Incredibly, the three pillars of proof regarding hidden messages within the veil are clear. To reiterate, the first is the structural pattern of the veil explained by Moses. The second pillar of proof is the pattern of the four living creatures around throne (Ezekiel 1) told by Ezekiel. And finally, the biblically accurate depicton of the gospel by hydro-images.

Figure 5. The lower part of the cherubum (left bottom wing) shown here overlaps figure 4b. Underneath the dragon image (Satan) being thrown out of heaven (Luke 10:18), a figure can be seen being lifted up from the earth by an angelic being towards the light (Christ & Christians). Keep in mind that a complete understanding of the Gospel is required to interpret these hydro-images. That said, all parts of the cherubum are in perfect agreement with biblical scriptures.

Brothers and sisters understand why the god of this world and those he empowers generate confusion. The gospel is hid from those who are lost. The light of the Gospel could illuminate the lost and they could be saved! This research proves that Jesus Christ is who he said he is.


It seems clear that the three pillars of Turner’s research prove that the Gospel message is within us, the temple of God (1 Cor 3:16). Truly we are created in God’s image. His Spirit is within the wheels where he writes his epistles on the fleshy part of our heart (2 Cor 3:3). Because we are in him and he is in the Father (John 14: 20), through him we are saved.

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