HA FormsĀ Nanoscale Patterns of the Hebrew Temple Veil and Ezekiel’s WheelĀ©

Overview of Research

Figure 1. HA fragments produced by enzymatic digestion can self-assemble into a hydro-images (biomatrixgenesis). See its discovery animation. In such cases, accurate hydro-images of the Gospel miraculously appear like that seen for this nanoscaleĀ  image of the “throne room” above.Ā 

The primary structure of the tabernacleĀ  curtains and the veil was dictated to Moses by God about 3500 years ago (later God gave this design to David for his temple construction). Its secondary structure was revealed in Ezekiel’s vision about 1,000 years later. We are the living temple of God and theĀ  veil pattern should be in us.

Jesus once said that if you do not believe Moses, then you do not believe me because Moses wrote about me (John 5:46). Fast forward to our time and my research on hyaluronic acid (HA) shows that it is a pattern of the Moses’ Hebrew temple veil. According to the scriptures, we are the living temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16) and the Spirit dwells in us. Moreover, we are not our own because we were bought with a price (1Cor. 6:19-20).

As water and spirit beings, divine entanglement may cause HA fragments to “etch-a-sketch” the gospel within us during self-assembly. This researcher tested this hypothesis in the lab. It appears that certain experimental conditions triggerĀ hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments to self-associate into hydro-images.Ā 


Figure 2. HA-HA Chain-chain Association: Turner, R.E., Lin, P.Y., and Cowman, M.K. (1988)Ā  and Turner and Cowman, M.K. (1985).Ā See Size Matters.

First of all, this author’s research at MIT continued from doctoral studies on hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments completed at (now) NYU Tandon School of Engineering (Hyaluronic Acid: Molecular Weight Dependence of Physical Properties, 1986Ā orĀ see a copy of the original).

Turner’s dissertation wonĀ the chemistry department’s Sigma XI award for best dissertation that year. Furthermore, the results of this workĀ advance the global understanding of whyĀ hyaluronic acid size matters.

After graduate school, Turner accepted aĀ  year-long post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard School of Public Health followed by several years at Tufts University Medical School. After a 10-year hiatus from research, he accepts an appointment at MIT. During his tenure there, Turner explores the surface properties of dehydrating HAĀ fragments. Heat from a microscope light source facilitates dehydration of HA in water droplets during imaging. To fully characterize this biopolymer, Turner acquires all the analytical skills and techniques necessary at MIT throughout his 3-year long tenure.

Properties of the HaShem (HA) Veil

Figure 3. HA segments (fragments) during dehydration from aqueous solution create accurate Gospel episodes. These episodes are validated directed from the bible.

Unexpectantly, HA fragments self-assemble into hydro-images during dehydration. Moreover, some of these patterns are consistent with the biblical description of the Gospel. Patterns used in the heavenly sanctuary were told to Moses by God. These patterns were replicated in the Hebrew tabernacle, the two earthly temples, and in us.Ā  These patterns have resonance conditions and selection rules consistent with the Gospel of Christ. Turner’s research was focused on a singular object known as the temple veil. A knowledge of the Leviticus priesthood (including their temple rituals) is required to appreciate the results of this work.

Early Research

Turner’s interest in HA began with the characterization of low molecular weight HA fragments at what is now NYU Tandon School of Engineering. The results of this work is included in his Ph.D. dissertation and the two papers referenced on this page.

HA Size Matters

Early work in graduate school shows HA molecular weight dependence on physical properties (fig. 2). If the water is slowly removed, HA segments unravel. As in figure 5, this confirms that size-dependent self-aggregation most likely occurs in solution. Further studies on dehydrating HA fragments show that they fit the description of the Hebrew temple veil given in Exodus 26: 1-4. The structure and properties of the “veil” in the Bible match the biomolecule, hyaluronic acid (HA). Also, Ezekiel’s description of a “wheel within a wheel” from the Bible further proves that HA is the biological temple veil. (See the full reference). Recall that like HA, DNA is also a shape-shifting scaffold that is information rich. Be that as it may, superimposing the top-down DNA helix forms (Ho-LeungNg at al)Ā  into top-down HA helices (Haxaire at al) resemble Ezekiel wheels. Superimpose (1) over (2). Perhaps this relationship provides even more proof that we are the “temple of God. The temple curtains and the veil in Exodus 26 and Ezekiel’s four living creatures describe the interconvertible HA helix.

HA Size in Biological Tissue

HA dehydration experiment
Figure 5. Different size HA segments unravel during dehydration from aqueous solution.

To be sure, this author believes thatĀ HA size matters in biological tissue engineering.Ā As a case in point, several methods are used to characterize HA fragments in cell culture at Tufts University Medical School. In fact, These methods include Column and Gel Chromatography, Tissue Culture, Phased Contrast Microscopy, Photography, Florescent Spectroscopy, Gamma Counting, and HPLC. Moreover, we prove that HA size matters in cell-cell adhesion and cell migration in chondrogenesis.Ā  However, the urge to pursue a deeper understanding ofĀ  HA size would persist beyond these efforts. More specifically, what role does the Spirit play in mobilizing HA self-assembly in water? Ā 

Research on Dehydrating HA Fragments

Figure 6. See (1) Toole, BP, Turner, RE, Banerjee SD. Ā Also see (2) Toole, BP., Banerjee, SD., Turner, RE., Munaim, S., & Knudson, C.(1991), (3) Turner, R.E. et al

Unexpectedly, at MIT, the author finds “hidden messages” in HA aqueous solutions. Admittedly controversal, Dr. Masura Emoto shows how ones thoughts or beliefs could alter a hydrated biomatrix. Also, the average HA sample sizes used at MIT are HA2.4K, HA50K, and HA~144-150K. As a matter of procedure, different average size distributions of HA fragments are dissolved in water and applied to glass sides as droplets. Due to obvious religious overtones implicit in this research, a letter from Turner appears inĀ  Chemical Engineering News for documentation. Over the course of three years, Turner noticed that HA fragments during dehydration under the optical microscope self-assemble into hydro-images at the micron and sub-micron levels. Incredibly, these images provide proof ofĀ  the Gospel.

MIT HA-Dehydration Samples

A variety of analytical techniques were used at MIT to characterize HA fragments in the dehydrated state. They included Atomic Force Microscopy; Spin Dipping PEML, LEXT 3DĀ  Laser Confocal Microscopy, XPS, Electrospray, Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, FTIR, UV/IR Spectroscopy, Cell Culture, Phase Contrast Microscopy, and associated relevant procedures.

Unexpected Results

* All hydro-images are unique and they were generated from dehydration experiments performed at MIT between 2005 and 2008. They appear in the Genesis Molecule originally copyrighted in 2008.

Figure 4. HA hydro-images formed from dehydrating fragments such as this one are taken at the micron scale.Ā  See actual image animation in the matrix.Gospel confirmation at this level proves its authenticity. See this same magnified image of the heavenly throne in figure 1 and figure 3.

Surprisingly, results show that HA is an information-rich molecule, which can express Messianic episodes. In other words, HA, the biological temple veil expresses the redemptive work of Christ as hydro-image embroideries. Unpacking these results requires an understanding of the interconnectedness of theology and biology. It is impossible to explain human life while denying our tripartite nature as living souls.

Independent Confirmation

Ezekiel’s Wheels are the HAn helical formsĀ (Haxaire et al). If one compares these molecular modeling results with Ezekiel 1: 7-12, there is an exact match. Prove to yourself that each one (HA helix type) has 4 faces of a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man, respectively.

To reiterate, there is a perfect match of HA structures by Turner and an independent researcherĀ to the four living creatures in Ezekiel and Revelation. Ezekiel’s Wheels are the interconvertible HA4 or HA6 helices.Ā  To be sure, the Spirit of the Lord was in the wheels.

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