The Spirit Transformer

The Spirit & Our Flesh Molecule, HA


The Veiled heart is our transporter or “gateStrong’s G2374 into eternal life. Our soul within the veil of our heart, covered by “The Blood”, becomes our cloaking device. Based on the Hebrew scriptures, this author discovers that hyaluronic acid (HA), a hydrated “gated” molecule, is the biomaterial image of the Hebrew temple veil. The four interconvertible HA helices resembles Ezekiel’s four living creatures with the “Spirit” inside (Ezekiel 1:20). Jesus Christ becomes “Man” to redeems us to himself by way of the cross. Why? It is because the Spirit gives life to flesh (John 6:63 and Leviticus 17:11). Therefore, without the shedding of Blood (Hebrews 9: 22), there is no remission [Strong’s G859] of sin.

Figure 1. Veiled Heart is a Cloaking Device: See Isaiah 61:10.

Visualize our anchored soul within the HA veil of your heart. The torn veil (Mark 15:38) allows the Spirit to enter (2 Corinthians 3:15-18). The Spirit within connects “Believers” to the Father. Allow yourself to be transformed by the Spirit (Roman 12:2). But, “God” is a discerner of your thoughts and the intent of your heart (Hebrew 4:12). As sinners from birth, our heart is by nature deceitful. We must be transformed by the Spirit (Ezekiel 36: 26). In truth, we must be cloaked in the righteousness of Christ. To be sure, our veiled heart is a transporter room. If our mind and our heart is in resonance with Christ, God will beamed us up!

Figure 2. This schematic shows that carnal minded scholars have thoughts and intentions that differ from divinely inspired scholars. The Veiled heart of a believer creates a spiritual portal to the invisible things of God. That said, truths inaccessible to unbelievers can be clearly seen.

To be clear, we need the righteous Redeemer (Isaiah 47: 4). Turner’s “HaShem Veil” forms a tangible biomatrix veil—a testable object—connecting our physical and spiritual realities. The Spirit came to sanctify us after the resurrected Christ purified the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood. However, this Gospel of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach)—while true—is foolishness to unbelievers (1 Cor 1:18). Unfortunately, a fool has said in his heart that there is no God (Psalms 14:1).


Hyaluronic Acid (Turner Findings)


A. HA Physical Properties.

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B. HA Biomatrix Properties

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C. HA as a Pattern of Ezekiel’s Wheels and the Hebrew Temple Veil


A Replica of Ezekiel’s Wheels


Figure 3. Results from Haxaire’s paper (no collaboration implied) are marked with prophetic descriptions of HA by Ezekiel. His vision is compared in detail to Figure 6 in the HA molecular modeling paper by Haxaire et al (2000). Also see scientific proof of HA interconvertible Helices.

A paper by Haxaire et al performed molecular modeling on the hyaluronic double helix. Along with x-ray diffraction results from other sources, these results are compared to descriptions by Ezekiel, Moses, and John from biblcal accounts. A supposition of these descriptions over Haxaire’s results show that we are indeed the temple of God and our temple veil is a replica of Ezekiel’s Wheels.


Replica of Moses’ Temple Veil


HA Fragment Dehydration

Figure 4. Turner’s research results shown here are in perfect agreement with Moses’ description of the Hebrew temple veil. A focus on the center panel shows a dotted line in left image of the center panel equal 1 micron. Most notable are the colors of the fine twined linen, and the selvedges connecting the fibers on the HA veil as described in (Exodus 26:31). The shape-shifting chain length dependent HA veil appears to be sensitive to one’s thoughts and the intent of the heart.

Analogously, the scriptures tell us that like the Hebrew temple, we are also the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16). The Spirit dwells within us. As a replica of Moses’ temple veil, a solution of hydrated HA fragments are dehydrated under the heat of the optical microscope. During the process, images of the Gospel were recorded.

Haxaire’s model labeled with Ezekiel’s description.

“Hidden messages” of the Gospel visible in hyaluronic acid hydro-images.



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