Plan of Redemption


Messianic Plan of Redemption
Figure 1. This schematic depicts our pathway to redemption. As slaves of sin, we cannot enter heavenly places. The veil no longer separates us from Our Creator. Fortunately, Yeshua (Jesus) shed his blood as Our Redeemer. Being fully God and fully man, he is our King and High Priest forever.

Redemption is “God’s plan of salvation” for man. Unbelievably, redemptive patterns appear as embroidery on the temple veil. As tripartite creatures, we have a spirit, a soul, and a body. In any case, the bible is an instruction manual for the living. Unexpectedly, self-assembling hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments show “hidden messages” during dehydration under the heat of an optical microscope. However, these “hidden messages relate to the cross.”  Therefore, one can only wonder if our creation in God’s image implies shape-shifting divine patterns within the veil (our flesh). For example, can people with the “mind of God” spiritually transform the cover within. In other words, Christ in us and we in him. To this end, HA embroidery appears in HA hydro-images of Christ’s redemptive acts.


Christians require a righteous Redeemer. So, the first-born of the dead ascend to the throne of God. Without a doubt, the patterning within us is the living temple of God.

 We can look at evidence from both science and the bible (Exodus 26 and 36, Ezekiel 1 and 10,  and Revelation 4: 6-8 KJV).

Haxaire et al describe the four living creatures and the wings from scripture. However, one must scrutinize the four HA models in figure 6 to see that each has four faces. No doubt, Turner’s work (see figure 2)  compares to the work of Haxaire and others since each of the four creatures can clearly visible. In my opinion, the agreement is stunningly revealing. As a note of caution, one’s faith and beliefs play key roles hydro-image formation.

The Temple Veil

The temple veil is a pattern of HA, the biologic veil, that once adorned the Hebrew tabernacle. Moses built the tabernacle according to specifications from God (YHVH). Yeshua (Jesus) pays the ransom for sin  in full. Fortunately, the temple veil rips in two (Matthew 27:50-51). And, this event gave physical proof that the Blood of Yeshua is acceptable to the Father. So, according to the quantum theory of entanglement, if Christ is acceptable, so are we.

The Plan

Plan of Redemption
Figure 2. One of the four living creatures depicts an ox. The symbolism of this “beast of burden” is an image of Christ, who bore our sins on the cross. In response to this sacrifice, God tore the veil that separates us from him in two.

The “Plan of Redemption” reflects man’s separation from his Creator. That being said, there is no way man can pass through the proverbial veil and join his creator on his own. Despite doctrine to the contrary, there is only one way man can cross over. Unfortunately for many  people of faith, their good works are not enough. Nothing, but the “Blood” of Jesus can cleanse us from all unrighteousness. While there are 12 gates to the Holy City, there is only one key. Without a doubt, that hope is in Jesus and what he accomplished at the cross.

If the energy of our soul is quenched by sin, a transfer of that burden onto “The  Redeemer” allows the state of the soul to flip. In this new state, the Spirit can now transfer the soul into holy places. Such an analogy is in agreement with the biblical plan of redemption.


Tunneling and the Quantum Brain

The concept of tunneling seems to fit the soul transporting through the veil. As the consequence of the quantum brain,the soul has the ability to flip its states between two locations regardless of distance. For example, if heaven is an astronomical distance from earth, the flipping of states (sinful to righteous) could be a transport method. As such, a person’s conscious mind (beliefs) determine their destiny. Consider the broadcasting of a message that is comprehensible to only a select few. Accepting  that message causes the states of the soul to flip. Upon death, the soul instantly transports to the predetermined state. To be sure, this outcome links the quantum brain and the consciousness of the decision maker.


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