HA: A Shape-Shifting Molecular Veil

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Hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecular shape-shifter (1, 2, 3, 4), is a pattern of the Hebrew tabernacle or temple veil and Ezekiel’s wheels. Moses and Ezekiel gave different descriptions of the temple veil. Moses made a pattern of the heavenly veil as described to him by God (Exodus 26:31). In a vision, Ezekiel saw Christ as the glorious temple coming to earth veiled in the flesh (John 1:14). As the temple of God (1Corinthians 3:16), we are also veiled. However, our earthly veil pattern is the molecular shape-shifter and flesh molecule, hyaluronic acid (HA).

The veil includes the fleshy part of our heart where God writes his letters (2Corinthians 3:3). Compare this to the stone tablets he wrote on before the veil was torn (Exodus 34:28).

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Testing An Hypothesis: A New Scientific Paradigm

Testable objects containing evidence for God are being analyzed. For example, the Hebrew temple veil, which is a pattern within the body of Christ is also a pattern within us (1Corinthians 3:16). That said, such a flesh molecule was tested and compared to the detailed descriptions given by two “chosen” men of God separated by eight centuries. Three millennia later at MIT, Turner finds that Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the flesh molecule, is the molecular image of Moses’ temple veil and Ezekiel’s wheel.

God can be found in the things that are made, including man (Romans 1: 19-20, Genesis 1:27). Dr. Francis Collins says that DNA, a double helix, is the Language of God. Hebrews 10:7 and Psalms 40:7 say that Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth in “the volume of the Book.” If DNA is God’s Language written on the pages of His book, then HA is its cover or veil. In contrast to Moses’ temple built by the hands of man, we are God’s temple (1Corinthians 3:16 and 1Corinthians 6:19) built by His hands after the same heavenly pattern ( Hebrews 8:5). My research shows that the HA “Flesh” Molecule is a pattern of the Hebrew Temple Veil (Exodus 26:31-34) & Ezekiel’s Wheel (Ezekiel 1: 4-20). We are truly created in the image of God  (Genesis1:27). The soul of Believers is anchored to Christ, our Veil of Righteousness and Gateway into eternal life (John 14:6).

HA, the Flesh Molecule, Veils the Spirit

We as Believers are transformed (1Corinthians 15: 51-52). Since we are not angels, we have a flesh problem (1Corinthians 15:50). We can, however, live outside of our flesh body since it is the Spirit who gives life (John 6:63). There are boundary conditions that must be met (John 3:3). What’s behind the curtain can change everything! Consider the pattern given to Moses by God of his dwelling place on earth (Hebrews 8:5, Exodus 25:40). This tabernacle (later, the temple) was a pattern of the heavenly sanctuary. In fact, it represented the body of Christ. HaShem (Jewish name for God) met with his people behind the veil. This temporary dwelling place was a shadow of a future temple.

As the temple of God, the Spirit is in us. Yes. Today, ever since God tore the veil (Mark 15:38 and Hebrew 10:20), Believers are invited to enter within the veil and worship God there. Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) is the anchor for our soul (Hebrews 6:19) and he is our righteous cloak (Isaiah 61:10). The HA molecule is an image of the Hebrew Tabernacle veil described by Moses (Exod. 26:31, 36:35) and later, Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:4-21). These two descriptions separated in time and revealed through different revelations, match the experimental results Turner found at MIT (2006-2008). This amazing discovery proves that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

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