Our “HA” Temple Veil

HA Synthases & Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix
(Our Biomaterials Curtains and the Veil)


The structure of the tabernacle or temple curtains and the veil was dictated to Moses by God about 3500 years ago. The linen embroidered with cherubim, was also described in Ezekiel’s vision about 1,000 years later. Amazingly, the image of the veil forms from self-assembling hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments during dehydration. According to the scriptures, we are the living temple of God and the temple patterns should be in us. This is exactly what is found for Hyaluronic acid (HA).

Mystery of the Ages

First and foremost, HaShem (see the title acronym above), literally means “the name” and is used for the name of God in Hebrew. After Yeshua (Jesus) died for us, the veil in the Hebrew temple was torn from top to bottom by God (Mark 15:38). As a result, the torn veil symbolizes our only entrance into holy places (Acts 4:12). 

The temple veil God instructed Moses to stitch together is an image of the temple veil in heaven and in us (1Cor. 3:16). For instance, Apostle Paul tells us that God writes his epistles–after the veil is torn– on the fleshy tablets of our hearts (2 Cor 3:3) In fact,  Gentile believers are grafted into the promise God made to Abraham. Temple curtains and the veil contained interwoven segments of fine twined linen in a manner analogous to hyaluronic acid (HA), a chain molecule containing gated linkages (Psalms 24:7, Rev. 20:12).  Everything in the universe originates from “The Word“. As a result, science is a useful tool to validate the bible for believers. Christ himself asserts that he came in the volume of the book, which is written about him (Hebrews 10:7). Life of the flesh is in the blood, but it is the Spirit, who gives life (Leviticus 17:11) and ( John 6:63). From Euler’s Identity, we can enter eternity with God since the Blood, the Water, and the Spirit are one [+1] in Christ (1 John 5:8). The alternate route [-1] leads to eternal death.

Our Creator is YHVH (“HaShem”). As living souls, the temple veil once separated us from a Holy God. Theobiology maintains that man was created in the image and likeness of God. Consequently, hyaluronic acid (HA) is an image of the Hebrew temple veil. Consider the fine needlework stitching and embroidery on the Hebrew temple veil.  In contrast, the self-assembly of HA fragments form these same patterns through a process called biomatrixgenesis (the self-assembly of hyaluronic acid dimers into “chain” molecules of varying molecular size). In any case, this biological veil is in us because we are the living temple of God.

Convergence (1 Col 1: 17)

HA-structure-2015 Theobiology
Figure 1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil (Exodus 36:35 KJV). Spiritual discernment and biblical knowledge reveal divine embroidery (cunning works)  and messianic hydro-images. 

Without a doubt, “all things consist in Christ.” However, consider the time before Christ’s victory on the cross. Then, we could not enter God’s presence due to sin within the veil, which is the flesh (Hebrews 10:10). In fact, the flesh wars against the Spirit (Galatians 5: 17). As a result, neither our flesh or our blood can inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 15:50 ). So, we need the righteous blood of Jesus (Yeshua) for our redemption (Isaiah 44:6). From the beginning, Adam declared, “she is ‘bone of my bone’ and flesh of my flesh.” In fact, as Eve was to Adam so are we, believers, the bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:25). Also noteworthy is that Eve came out of one man, Adam. In like manner, the “true church” comes out of one man, Christ. Just as all “sinners”  are Adam’s seed, all “believers” are  Christ’s seed. Amazingly, DNA code declares “God eternal is within the body.” Perhaps HA can recreate the image of God or  rather– proof of God–within us. Prophetic hydro-images formed by HA self-assembly may be spirit driven. Such revelations give indisputable proof of the Gospel.

Divine “Gateway”

I believe that the transition of our souls between two spritual states {(-1) and (+1)} is through the redemptive power of “the blood of Jesus.” According to the scriptures, Christ is in us and we are in him. Therefore, his Spirit could “etch-a-sketch” the gospel within the HA veil. Be that as it may, pattern recognition through faith places the believer’s soul in a new state. In essence, the whole purpose of the redemptive plan is our re-birth in a new heaven and a new earth.

A Messianic Skit in Blood

Despite an abundance of evidence from the things that are made, man resists the truth. God said “I will blind their eyes and harden their heart…, (John 12:40). He also speaks about people who think themselves wise, but are fools. So, while the scientific community will dismiss these results, true believers should gain inspiration and reassurance that Christ is our creator and redeemer.

Recently, this blogger discovered a “Messianic skit” in blood featuring helical biomolecules born of water. Moreover, HA (our temple veil), mitochondrion DNA (the seed of the woman), and the LAMB gene are the actors. HA veils DNA in the nucleus. Unlike our sinful blood inherited from Adam, Christ is born uncursed of the woman’s seed.

The Temple Veil: Faith and Reason

Figure 2. Schematic of “fallen” man in need of a “rebirth” to enter life eternal. This redemption is through the Blood of Jesus exclusively. The “message of the cross” is all in all.

The Gospel (good news) is that Life is in the Blood atonement of Yeshua (Leviticus 17: 11). After death, the Spirit transports our soul through the veil.  Thanks to Yeshua (Christ), we can now enter Holy Places. Then, we will see Him as he is (1 Corinthians 13:12)!

HaShem (the Hebrew name for God) appears if one takes the first letters of the expression below.

HA Synthases and Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix Molecule (The HaShem veil)

Embroidery of the Hebrew temple curtains and the veil resembles that seen for the flesh molecule HA  (Exodus 26 and 36). Without a doubt, only “Our Creator” could dictate the x-ray molecular patterning of the “Living temple veil” to Moses [born in the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE)]. During bio-matrix-genesis, HA electromechanical cantilevers shape-shift into helices and nanofiber mesh. In fact, self-assembling co-axial cables also contain hydrated hubs, which are well suited for stem cell genesis. Most surprisingly, hydro-images formed from dehydrating HA fragments depict biblical episodes involving the Gospel.

Interpreting  Hydro-images

Hyaluronic acid (HA) segments can translate hidden messages in water. As a result, proof of the Gospel appears in the veil. A Believer’s faith may show this evidence as hydro-images. In any case, these results prove that  the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) is in the veil.

A naturally blind person has no information in darkness. For this reason, asking them to explain such a thing will be unfruitful. Analogously, this would be the case if spiritually blind people (John 12:40) attempting to translate the hydro-images seen in figure 3. Ordinarily, seeing is believing, but in the Spirit believing gives evidence and substance of the unseen.

Spiritual Calling

Quantum mind Figure 3. Dehydrating HA fragments self-assemble under the heat of the optical microscope. In addition to material and quantum factors, it seems that the conscious mind of an observer (words, thoughts, beliefs, etc.) collapses the QM wave functions. This can direct HA fragments to self-assembly into hydro-images. (see figure 1). 

A believer’s mind can unlock hidden messages. However, unbelievers  may be unable to observe HA hydro-images.  Inspired by science and moved by the Spirit of God (see Isaiah 6: 1-8), this blogger–through reason and faith–seeks to carry out the following goals:

1. Reinforce the fact that biology, the study of life, cannot be separated from theology, which is the study of God, our Creator

II. Test the Biblical hypotheses that Christ is “All in All” (Colossians 3:11) and that “All things consist in Christ” (Colossians 1:17).

Ⅲ. Demonstrate how we exist as the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1: 27).

 Ⅳ. Establish that “life of the flesh is in the “Blood,” but it is the Spirit, who gives life(Leviticus 17:11, John 6:63).  

V. Assert that the only way to cancel our perpetual death sentence (-1) is through Jesus. The Sacrificial Lamb of YHVH (John 14:6) is our (+1). In any case, He became us (-1) to cancel our sin debt (0), so we could be like Him (+1).

Ⅵ. Show that together with the church–Jesus (Yeshua) is the (+1) in Euler’s Identity, the “God Equation.”  Inevitably, those who believe in Him (with the Holy Spirit inside) will not die–John 3:16.

Ⅶ. Confirm that since creation, the Creator’s invisible attributes are seen by the things that are made. As a case in point, the Hebrew temple is a pattern of the body of Christ. DNA is the blueprint, HA is the scaffold, amino acids are building blocks, and laminin is the rebar holding everything together. Be that as it may, the same Spirit that raised Yeshua from the dead can raise you!

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