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Former Research Affiliate, MIT
This photograph was taken during the summer 2023 in the first floor lobby at MIT Nano.

Research Only

E-Book: HaShem Veil based on The Genesis Molecule ©2008
Note: HaShem, the Jewish name for God, is an acronym for Hyaluronic acid Synthases and Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix.
  • Dissertation: Hyaluronic Acid: Molecular Weight Dependence of Physical Properties 1986 (Complete PDF Download), The New York University School of Engineering (formally Brooklyn Poly) ProQuest Preview
  • Self-association of hyaluronate segments in aqueous NaCl solution, R.E. Turner, P.Y. Lin, M.K. Cowman, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 265 (2), 484-495, 1988. PDF
  • Cationic dye binding by hyaluronate fragments: dependence on hyaluronate chain length, R.E. Turner, M.K. Cowman, Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 237 (1), 253-260, 1985. PDF
  • Hyaluronan-cell interactions in limb development, B.P. Toole, S.D. Banerjee, R.E. Turner, S. Munaim, C. Knudson, Developmental patterning of the vertebrate limb, 215-223, 1991. PDF
  • Hyaluronan binding protein in chondrogenesis and angiogenesis in the developing limb, B.P. Toole, R.E. Turner, S.D. Banerjee, Progress in clinical and biological research 383, 437-444, 1993. LINK
  • Role of Hyaluronan Binding Protein in Chondrogenesis, R.E. Turner, et al., J. Cell Biol. (Abstract) 115 (447a), (Abstract 2598), 1991. LINK
  • Characterization of Hyaluronate Segments-Evidence for Self-association in 0.15M NACL [Meeting Abstract], Turner, R.E., Lin, P.Y., Cowman, MK, Biophysical journal. 1987:51(2):A375-A375.DOI
  • Self-association of Hyaluronic Acid [Meeting Abstract], Turner, R.E., Lin, P.Y., Cowman, M.K., Abstracts of papers (American Chemical Society). 1987:193:42-CARB.DOI
  • Cationic Dye Binding by Oligosaccharides of Sodium Hyaluonate [Meeting Abstract], Turner, R.E. and Cowman, M.K., Biophysical journal. 1985:47(2):A398-A398.DOI
  • Reactions: Sight for Sore Eyes, December 5, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 49
  • HaShem Veil (2021) revised edition of The Genesis Molecule © 2008.

Roxbury Community College UROP Before MIT Adoption and Expansion

Program ends at RCC and begins at MIT

Thanks to Professor Emeritus Michael Rubner and Professor Emeritus Donald Sadoway of MIT. Dr. Rubner took over the vision in 2005 and institutionalized it at the now MIT Materials Lab.

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