Figure 1. Biomatrixgenesis is the size-dependent self-assembly of HA segments into a life supporting scaffold for cell and tissue engineering. HA fragments in an aqueous solution are allowed to dehydrate onto 5 micron polystyrene beads to help visualize cell matrix and cell cell interactions. Depending on molecular size and degree of hydration, various molecular embroideries, such as cherubim and patterns of the Hebrew temple veil emerge.

HA Self-assembling Fragments Form Divine Patternings

The veil described in the biblical accounts by Moses and Ezekiel holds both scientific and spiritual significance. In this article, we delve into the hyaluronic acid (HA) molecular patterns associated with Moses’ and Ezekiel’s descriptions of the veil. Independent laboratory investigations revealed unique molecular patternings for each veil description. Additionally, we explore the analogy between the Hebrew temple veil and the flesh molecule, HA, which veils the heart highlighting the spiritual symbolism and the concept of access to the divine presence.

Experimental Methods

Two separate laboratories conducted independent investigations into the molecular patterns associated with the veil descriptions. These investigations utilized different methodologies and were conducted without any connection between them. Turner’s preliminary research (1-6) on the molecular weight dependence of HA on physical properties laid the grown work for his discovery of a divine patterning 7.

In the molecular modeling paper 8, the research team utilized existing information regarding the hydrodynamic and solid-state characteristics of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). They concede that while earlier investigations have offered a thorough exploration into the interaction dynamics between HA fragments and adjacent water molecules, these studies fall short in providing a holistic comprehension of the molecular underpinnings that precipitate the observed behavior of HA. This gap in knowledge catalyzed their curiosity, resulting in the breakthrough findings presented in Figure 6 of their publication.9

In contrast, Turner, who delved into the influence of molecular weight on the physical and biological attributes of HA 10 11 12 13, was curious about the exact manner in which HA, a carbohydrate nanomachine, behaves as its hydration level fluctuates. Extensive examinations of dehydrated HA fragments, using an array of high-resolution probes such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), reveal all the properties required to form the biological pattern of the biblical veil.14 This finding adds another layer of complexity to the intricate tale of HA behavior.

Furthermore, the analogy between the veil and the veiled human heart enhances our understanding of the spiritual symbolism behind the veil.23 Just as the veil separated the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place in the temple, the human heart serves as a dividing line between the physical and spiritual realms. The veil represents the barrier between humanity and the divine presence, signifying the limited access to the sacred realm.24 25 26

Figure 2. Expanding on Turner’s observations, an unreported phenomenon worth noting is the profusion of “covert Gospel messages” corroborated by scriptural references. The array of images presented exhibit flawless alignment with major theological themes – the resurrection, the celestial throne, cherubim, and more.27 

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