Theo Bio   

Our “Temple” Veil
(1Cor 3:16)

Hyaluronic acid double helix (HA) is the nanoscale repeat unit of the “temple veil” described by Moses1 (circa 1300 BCE) and Ezekiel2 (circa 600 BCE). –R.E. Turner

In addition to its biophysical properties and its role in biologically tissue, hyaluronic acid (HA) forms within us a biomatrix replica of the Hebrew tabernacle veil and Ezekiel’s wheel. Rayburn and Richmond give a noteworthy description of theobiology. In my view, a theological connection to us suggests the existence of a biological veil, which is not only a testable object, but one that has quantumness. Moses crafted an earthly pattern of the heavenly veil (Hebrews 8:5) as described to him by God (Exodus 26:31-34). Ezekiel, in a vision (Ezekiel 1: 4-21), saw Christ as the glorious temple coming to earth (John 1:14).

Figure 1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments dehydrating from a water solution on glass slides can self-assemble into nanoscale biomatrix patterning. We see hidden gospel messages such as cherubim and needlework (Exodus 26: 31) embroideries. Evidence for the type of linkage or selvedges is also found (Exodus 36:11 and Exodus 26:4).

Hydrated HA fragments, nanoBITs (Nanoscale Biocompatible Information Transferons), resemble colorful twisted fibers and exhibit colors such as; blue, purple, red, and white. Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1:4-21) describes “The Veil” in 600 BCE as the “Spirit in the wheels” who came to earth. What Ezekiel saw in a vision matches the experimental results found by a team of non-collaborating researchers (Haxaire et al, fig. 6, 2000). This amazing discovery, which validates Moses’ and Ezekiel’s descriptions provides evidence for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Figure 2. Hyaluronic acid (HA) interconvertible helix  resembles Ezekiel’s wheels as described by the prophet Ezekiel. Different colors are used to distinguish the characteristics outlined in Ezekiel Chapter 1 relative to Haxaire et al, fig. 6, 2000. Also, HA molecular embroideries reveal hidden gospel messages as seen in figure 1. These messages tells the story of our Creator and Redeemer, who became us so that we can become like him and not die.

The scriptures declare that life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11), but it is the Spirit who gives life (John 6:63). The flesh barrier (the veil) connecting the two dimensions is quantum mechanical. The heavenly temple connects to us, the living temple of God on earth. One could say that on an atomic scale we are mostly empty space, including water atoms connected to the spiritual realm through a quantum veil.

Figure 3. Turner’s ebook, HaShem Veil, got its title from Hashem, which is the Jewish name for God. In addition, the name is an acronym for Hyaluronic acid Synthases and Hyaluronidases form the Extracellular Matrix. This book highlights the quantumness and the divinity of our biomatrix veil. As the temple of God (1Corinthians 3:16), our hyaluronic acid (HA) is the molecular manifestation of the Hebrew tabernacle/temple veil and Ezekiel’s wheel. Man is connected to the spirit dimension through his flesh (veil), hyaluronic acid (HA). An abundance of hydrogen bonding and water molecules form a polyion cloud around the HA veil. Within a quantum cloak, ones spirit soul can becomes  spiritually entangled.