The Spirit Portal

The Gospel Message within the Veil

Spirit portal for the soul
Figure 1. A perfect metaphysical pattern for spiritual resonance through the veil (that is to say, the flesh). As a pattern of the Hebrew temple veil, we are the living temple veil. Therefore, the risen Christ is in us and we in Him!

The Spirit portal is the temple veil. To be sure, the veil is torn and we may enter. However, the process requires faith, the Spirit inside, and the Blood. The soul is who we are without a body (flesh and blood). So, the body of Christ and his Spirit resonates with his images. That being said, all believers (the faithful) supernaturally die and resurrect into his image. This is the power of the resurrection and the Blood of Yeshua. As a matter of fact, the Bible uses types, shadows, patterns, and rituals to preach “Christ, and him crucified.” In brief, the first man, Adam,  brought death to us all. Then, another man Christ brought life.

Through the Veil into Eternity

So, in Christ, our spirit passes through the veil into holy places. In addition, like Watchmen, we must warn the masses that the end is near. Moreover, we must point the way to the cross, which leads to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The body of Christ

The body of Christ is a pattern of the Hebrew temple. To be sure, soul cleansing power is in Jesus’ Blood. Also, the components in his Blood include; DNA (Life), HA (the Veil), and Laminin (cross-like cell adhesion molecule). Therefore, theology and biology are mutually inclusive. It appears that our creator embroiders divine messages within his living veil. These messages are most likely hidden from view to unbelievers. Perhaps ones faith and beliefs translate hidden messages confirming the Gospel. Also, it is possible that the soul resonates to heavenly places through pattern recognition. Is this why patterns, types, and rituals are present through the scriptures? It this how the all things connect? And finally, is this why when Christ resurrects, so will we.

There is sin in our blood, and this impurity leads to eternal death (-1). However, the Blood of Jesus gives eternal life and destroys death {-1 + 1 = 0}

Figure 2. Actual HA structure (Exodus 36:8 KJV). “… fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet,…”

Analogously, our body’s temple has a veil. Unexpectedly, this veil is structurally similar to hyaluronic acid (HA). In fact, HA curtains adorn cells similarly to the Hebrew temple. God ripped open the temple veil. In actuality, our souls can now enter the Holy Place with Christ as our eternal High Priest. Consider the interconvertibility of HA helical forms and HA single coil to helical coil transitions. Is this performance a pattern of the intact and torn temple veil? To be sure, there is a Messianic skit in blood where HA is a model of the Hebrew temple veil. In any case, it seems clear that theobiology is key to understanding the trans-dimensional portal between earth and heaven.

Our Mediator

Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the mediator between man and God.  So, as both God and Man, Christ is the one (+1) that binds. For example, the Euler equation shows how the Spirit connects us to an eternal God through Christ (+1). In any case, there are passages in the bible that reinforce one as the number of God. Finally, Yeshua will open the seven seals because he alone is worthy.

Spirit Portal

Figure 3. The image was made by merging actual HA fragment images. Throne room on the right is superimposed for clarity.

These data describe a trans-dimensional portal. In this way, the Son of God enters the biomatrix as the Son of Man. He returns to the throne with a resurrected glorified body. To be sure, the virgin birth of Christ indicates a direct transport from the Throne into the biomatrix. As a singular event, Christ becomes the only way to God. Figure 3 illustrates this reality. More specifically, actual hydro-images from dehydrating HA fragments show the Holy Paces and  the throne room. For clarity, a better image of the throne room is superimposed over the original image.

Soul Resonance

According to the scriptures, there are three temples. Firstly, We are born into the living temple where sin separates us from our Creator. Secondly, there is the temple built by Moses at God’s command. Finally, there is the temple in heaven. In this scenario, how does man enter beyond the veil? Fortunately, we are images of Christ. As a result, his holiness serves as a substitute for our failings. Therefore, through Christ, we are born of the Spirit. Like him, we will rise someday to meet him in the air.


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