Spirit Matters

Finding the Light in a World of Darkness

From the beginning it has always been about finding the light in a world of darkness. The spiritual dimension can not continue to be ignored by elite scientists as being irrelevant. We are being deceived by proud men, who refuse to acknowledge that Spirit Force and Matter Force co-exist in time. I remember when a biologist suggested that his colleagues ramp up their defense of Darwinism or they could loose to creationism. Really? This is how to get to the truth? Simply crush all dissidents and close ranks around Darwin’s legacy?

Figure 1. Quantum Entangle-ment Video

Let me be clear, I do not accept the humanistic view of divine metaphysics nor do I subscribe to their religious dogmatism. However, I am a true believer in the infallible Word of YHVH, the Hebrew God, and Our Redeemer, Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). That said, the barrier between Man and God must be a portal between the spirit realm and the matter realm. In otherwords, both matter and spiritual properties must satisfy quantum mechanical boundary conditions. To be clear, quantum properties for light, such as tunneling and entanglement may be relevant for this barrier. What or rather who is the “Light of the World. “ย If these two worlds are entangled then Jesus Christ is justified? Why then, do scientists refuse to acknowledge this reality? Even they know that they are in the dark, but they continue to dismiss all evidence regarding the man’s soul and his relationship to his Creator.

In the Midst of the Darkness, Christ

In the middle of the darkness, the Light appeared. Who is that light, who lightest the heart of man? He is Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach), in whom is life eternal. It is important to always keep in mind that the scriptures use types, shadows, ordinances, patterns, and prophetic visions to present Our Creator and Redeemer. Why? This is how divine power is transferred throughout time and eternity. In otherwords, that singular event occuring at the cross reverberated through all time and eternity.

Once we are within the veil, the Spirit transforms us. Being entangled within the veil means our thoughts and intent of the heart is in synch with God. In this state, space and time collapse.

The Veil and the Cross

Figure 2. The singular talking point surrounding the veil meets at the cross. At this point, past, present, and future converge. The tearing of the flesh (the veil) was symbolically torn in the Hebrew temple as proof that the Son of God was torn for us. This unifying act at the cross resulted the shedding of Blood and the remission of sin.

I was asked about my singular focus on hyaluronic acid (HA) only as a career choice. There was something about this molecule that captivated me. My obsession with this biomaterial was only surpassed by my faith in the Gospel. Perhaps in retrospect, I was destined to find the biblical veil pattern told to us by Moses and Ezekiel. Given the short attention span of modern Society, the question is how to connect the veil to the cross. What happened at the cross connects time and eternity as well as fallen man to his Creator. That is the totality of the matter….spiritually speaking.