Quantum 🔭 Consciousness

Quantum 🔭 Consciousness

Hyaluronic Acid (HA):  The Flesh and Blood Veil within Living Creatures

“Our soul, within the veil, is a divine transporter room. When we are born again of the Spirit through the Blood, we may enter into Holy Places.”

Quantum Consciousness and Faith

Figure 1. Interestingly, things in the invisible dimension are subject to conscious intelligent mind. As a result, faith and substance intersect. See the Map of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander.

In my opinion, the Higgs boson (God particle) links matter and nothingness to a super designer with no beginning. That said, to continue life after death, spiritual man must converge into “The One.” For example, how does Ezekiel’s wheel  connect to Yeshua, the “Light of the World?” If the Euler identity is true, then I am convinced that divine patterns store “hidden messages” linking theology, biology, and quantum physics. Be that as it may, reason and faith are two sides of the same coin. Why the disconnect? We are the temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16) with a free-will soul. Hence, the decision to ignore evidence of God is inevitable and prophetic. To be sure, the merging of theology and biology can enlighten those having the mind of God. Therefore, I believe that God is life since it is his Spirit, who gives life.  According to the scriptures, the life of the flesh is in the Blood (Leviticus 17:11 KJV). Hence, the driving force for biomaterial self-assembly from seed to man is the Spirit.

It appears that consciousness precedes man’s creation. This blogger believes–as Hameroff and Penrose-– that consciousness derives from quantum vibrations in microtubules.

Mankind resists God and his plan of redemption. However, his wickedness persists throughout the ages. Satan, the nemesis of God and all that is righteous, is making his last stand now. An eternal God and his designated “King of Kings” will establish their eternal kingdom on earth. Let’s suppose for example that the “Word of God” is true and the Book accompanies man’s life on earth. Knowing that natural man will be held captive by sinful flesh, some children of God are the good seed. One may crucify this truth and ban the Book, but the results are the same.  Now we may see why faith is so important and that without faith there is no pleasing God. Ultimately, we need faith and science to fully “see through a glass, darkly” (1 Cor. 13:12).

Euler identity and the Trinity

The oneness of God is in the Euler Identity. Such mathematical clarity asserts that convergence of forces leads to absolutely nothing. One can raise one to any power, including the Trinity, and one will still be only one. This statement appears to be saying that out of nothing comes nothing. However, how can this be? A two-state system with opposite phases could result in out of phase components. Existence in such a case is time and space dependent. But, an imaginary part of life is also real. Unfortunately, we relegate supernatural forces to religion or mysticism. As long as intelligent people ignore the Creative Force, an acceptable solution to Einstein’s declaration of ‘spooky action at a distance” will remain elusive.

The Intel Inside

Consider the famous Intel commercial of a few decades ago. Analogously, our spirit is theology-driven software that runs our biologic hardware. Tunneling from the natural realm to the spiritual realm is due to resonance. That is to say, the soul of “Man” can return to his Image-Maker through the veil if and only if the life within is perfect. As a result, the only way to our Creator is through Jesus Christ.  To sum up, the pattern of Ezekiel’s wheel and the temple veil connects to Yeshua  (Jesus) through the Blood.  The extraordinary truth is that the first born of the Spirit enters the matrix and opens the cover with his Blood. As previously noted, scripture must be used to interpret scripture. Keeping this principle in mind, within the HA veil is the oneness of the Spirit, Water, and the Blood (1 John 5:8). The Spirit within the wheels (Ezekiel 1:20) is also the “One” into which all things consist (Colossians 1:17). So, helical HA surrounded by helical water contains the Spirit. The Spirit translates mitochondrial DNA (the seed of the woman) into the Son of God. And, in him is life (John 1:4).

Faith versus  Quantum Physics

First and foremost, beyond the “God particle,” is another dimension. However. This dimension is only accessible to those having the mind of Christ. So, faith generates substance. In my opinion, consciousness is the creative force not in conflict with the standard model of physics. An important consideration is that quantum vibrations exist in neurons and protein biopolymers. In any case, the hydrated hyaluronic acid (HA) biopolymer is a nanoscale information processor. It is therefore capable of translating hidden messages (images) in water. Finally, this storytelling molecule through “hydro-imaging provides a peek into another dimension.

The Priestly Pattern and Quantum  Consciousness

Divine power transfers through time using patterns and rituals. As a case in point, consider the embroidery on the Hebrew temple veil. It appears that in this case, embroidery of cherubim and other designs on the veil can harness the power of God. No doubt, the sudden death of priests, who strayed away from strict temple rituals proves this point. So, no one enters the Holy Place without innocent blood (lambs and goats, etc.)  and lives.

Spiritual Resonance
Figure 2. The pattern for the Levite High Priest attire specifically the breastplate, resembles the standard model of physics. 

Perhaps many possible patterns emerge out of the priestly garment, but all are potentially correct. The collapsing of all probabilities into a singularity could define God. Unequivocally, sin is death (-1) and “Life” is in Christ (+1). “Hidden messages” confirm temple patterns through scientific observations. It appears that the soul can transfer between earth and heaven with boundary conditions. Moreover, this transfer occurs if the veil (flesh) is open. If conditions are agreed, the soul is carried by the Spirit into the heavenly dimension. Return to earth requires a new body, which is the “body of Christ.” The result is that each will receive a glorified body like that of the resurrected Christ. Finally, these “hidden messages” in the form of hydro-images provide proof of Christ’s messianic mission. Without a doubt, the portal is closing and those who refuse Christ will be lost….forever!

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