The Divine Transform

John 12:32



Ezekiel’s Wheels
DNA helix in the middle of 4HA4 helices

The Veil of Temple (Christ) is our door or “GateStrong’s G2374 into eternal life”. This author discovers that hyaluronic acid (HA) is the biomaterial patterning of the Hebrew temple veil. The four interconvertible HA helices resembles Ezekiel’s four living creatures with the “Spirit” inside (Ezekiel 1:20). Jesus Christ becomes “Man” to redeems us to himself by way of the cross. Why? It is because the Spirit gives life to flesh (John 6:63 and Leviticus 17:11). Therefore, without the shedding of Blood (Hebrews 9: 22), there is no remission [Strong’s G859] of sin. Man needs the righteous Redeemer (Isaiah 47: 4). Turner’s “HaShem Veil” forms a tangible biomaterial—a testable object–shown to be a gateway between our physical and spiritual realties. The Spirit came to sanctify us after the resurrected Christ purified the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood. However, this Gospel of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach)—while true—is foolishness to unbelievers (1 Cor 1:18).


Hyaluronic Acid (Turner Findings)


A. HA Physical Properties.

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Turner Dissertation: Hyaluronic Acid Physical Properties

B. HA Biomatrix Properties

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C. HA as a Pattern of Ezekiel’s Wheels and the Hebrew Temple Veil


A Replica of Ezekiel’s Wheels


Figure 1. Results from Haxaire’s paper are marked with results of Ezekiel. Compare with the four “ball and stick” models of HA

A paper by Haxaire et el performed molecular modeling on the hyaluronic double helix. Along with x-ray diffraction results from other sources, these results are compared to descriptions by Ezekiel, Moses, and John from biblcal accounts. A supposition of these descriptions over Haxaire’s results show that we are indeed the temple of God and our temple veil is a replica of Ezekiel’s Wheels. It is important to point out that the nanoscale patterning of Ezekiel’s wheels and the discovery of HA temple veil properties occurred at MIT as a result of this author’s research. The connection to the completely independent results of Haxaire was made later. This connection shows beyond any doubt that HA is a replica of Ezekiel’s Wheels. To be sure, the structure and properties of the wheels are also in agreement with those described by Moses.

The results of this work is mind-blowing. Imagine that the temple veil is both a pattern of the tabernacle (temple) built by Moses and a pattern of the Divine Transport, Ezekiel’s Wheels. Be that as it may, our being created in God’s image makes sense if the goal is our re-emergence as souls back into Our Creator. Here, redemption or “boundary conditions” are required for re-emergence. Those conditions are the Gospel. These results show that indisputable proof of the gospel is in the veil.


A Replica of Moses’ Temple Veil


HA Fragment Dehydration
Figure 2. Dehydrating HA fragments show Cherubim embroidered on the HA veil as described in Exodus.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) structure and properties were compared to the design of the temple veil described to Moses by God. Details of the design appears in Exodus 26. There is no doubt that the pattern given to Moses was a pattern of heavenly things. That said, the presence of God in the Holy Place was separated from the Holy Place by the veil. Analogously, the scriptures tell us that like the Hebrew temple, we are also the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16). The Spirit dwells within us. As a replica of Moses’ temple veil, a solution of hydrated HA fragments are dehydrated under the heat of the optical microscope. During the process, images of the Gospel were recorded.

Haxaire’s model labeled with Ezekiel’s description.

“Hidden messages” of the Gospel visible in hyaluronic acid hydro-images.

HA Patterning of the Redeemed

Figure 3. Unexpectedly, low molecular weight fragments of HA dehydrate into hydro images reflecting the Gospel. How is this possible? These images confirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What’s more, the accuracy is stunning. It seems to me that our Creator left these messages for our time.

This schematic shows how Christ is HA2 or the 2 wings needed to bind all the gates. The four living creatures around the throne 4 (HA4) with each having 4 wings are on the earth. The Spirit inside becomes a man, dies, and is resurrected with two additional wings (HA2). Experimentally, a minimum of 6 wings (HA6) are required for cell matrix and cell-cell adhesion. The four living creatures around the throne now have 6 wings each.  These (24 elders) are around the throne. There are 12 gates around the Holy city. HA needs 14 wings (HA14) to bind a techelet like dye within a gel matrix (alcian blue). So, HA12 + HA2 (Christ/angel) = HA14, the minimum size required to bind dye. Recall that the breastplate of the high priests had 4 rows of three stones (12) that represent the twelve tribes. Regarding the 144,000 souls Redeemed from the earth (Revelation 7:1-4), we have 12 gates times 12,000 sealed from each tribe. This gives 144,000 entering the pearly gates (Revelation 7:5-9).

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