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A New Life Science Paradigm

Exploring Theobiology: A New Paradigm for the Intersection of Natural Science and Spirituality Based on my observations, the scientific perspective on human origin is generally deemed inviolable within the scientific community. However, Theobiology introduces a revolutionary framework, challenging the idea that only science holds the answers to truth-seeking. This novelRead More

The Veil: A Molecular Cloak

Exploring Theobiology: Man’s return to paradise is conditional and that is the “Gospel” truth Establishing a right relationship to God requires our soul to enter that which is within the veil (Hebrews 6:19). The torn temple veil is undoubtedly connected to where we will spend eternity. After death, Believers willRead More

HA: A Divine Pattern

Exploring Theobiology: Science proves the bible, but carnal minded scientists can never understand this reality Embroidery of the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place is within us as the temple of God. Such analogy seems appropriate since we are created in His image. That said, The Spirit is withinRead More