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News about the prophetic world capital known as the future City of God when Christ returns.


A New Life Sciences Paradigm

Exploring Theobiology: A New Paradigm for the Intersection of Science and Spirituality Based on my observations, the scientific perspective regarding human origins is typically considered inviolable within the scientific community. However, Theobiology introduces a revolutionary framework, challenging the notion that science alone possesses the answers to truth-seeking. This novel approachRead More

HA Self-assembling Biomatrix Veil

“This is the way”…John 14:6 Our flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, who or what can? The Spirit, The Water, and The Blood are one on earth (1John 5:8). Based on the scriptures, we pass through the blood and enter that which is within the veilRead More

HA: A Trans-dimensional Portal

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” (1Corinthians 3:16)” The torn temple veil is undoubtedly connected to where we will spend eternity. After death, Believers will resurrect unto eternal life and the lost unto eternal death (John 5:29). Read More

Evidence of God Within

“I see Messanic embroidery in self-assembling HA fragments.” Embroidery of the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place is within us as the temple of God. Such analogy seems appropriate since we are created in His image. That said, The Spirit is within the hydrated HA matrix. This shape-shifting self-assemblingRead More